Ready to see how much cold data is sitting on your NAS?

At Komprise we work with petabyte-scale data volumes to help our customers analyze, manage, and move file and object data data to the right place at the right time. Connect with our team and get started with an unstructured data assessment today. Komprise is built for enterprise organizations with petabyte-scale storage and data challenges. With Komprise you get to know all your data and explore different scenarios of transparently tiering, archiving, migrating and replicating your cold data to lower-cost storage. Instantly see exactly how much capacity, backup, and costs your enterprise can save with Komprise Intelligent Data Management and discover new ways to get the best return on your file and object data.

For cloud migrations, Komprise also offers an Assessment of Customer Environment. Contact us for more information.

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    Take Control of Your Data with Komprise


    “Komprise offers a simple, subscription-based licensing model with impressive ease of adoption and use and with immediate and tangible benefits in the form of rapid ROI.”

    Enrico Signoretti

    GigaOm Research Analyst

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