Komprise Deep Analytics delivers granular, flexible search and indexes data in-place across file, object and cloud data storage to build a comprehensive Global File Index spanning petabytes of unstructured data. The benefits of a global namespace without sitting in the hot data path, with Komprise Deep Analytics Actions and Smart Data Workflows you can leverage this metadata catalog for systematic, policy-driven data management actions that can feed your data pipelines.



It’s like finding a needle in a haystack in minutes. With Komprise Deep Analytics Actions, we can now give users the power to discover what they need and let us know what to move. Matt Madill, Sr Storage Administrator, Duquesne University


Finding just the right data across billions of files is challenging. Komprise creates a unified metadata catalog or global namespace called the Global File Index for visiblity across all your file, object and cloud storage. Query and find just what you need in minutes across all your data storage silos.


Moving petabytes of data to the cloud can be slow and costly. Find just the precise data your users want to analyze and feed your data pipelines with AI-ready data for data lakes, machine learning, cloud analytics or a cloud data warehouse initiatives. Right place your data and optimize your data storage costs.


Unlike traditional analysis solutions that leverage monolithic databases and expensive in-memory resources, Komprise creates a lightweight distributed index that scales to exabytes with minimal footprint. It’s the benefits of a global namespace, also known as a global file system, without sitting in front of your hot data.


With Komprise, you have an easy-to-use interface to define criteria and view search results through summary graphs and details. Set policies on how Deep Analytics data should be moved. The Deep Analytics Directory Explorer makes it easy to find just what you need faster.


Define tags and search using both standard and extended (tag) metadata. Access via both the intuitive user interface and via an API. Watch a demo.


Deep Analytics can be added on as a cloud option with nothing to manage and elastic scalability or as an on premises deployment. Deep Analytics can also be set up as a user role. Watch a demo.

Benefits of Komprise Deep Analytics Actions

  • Users move only the data they need with a metadata catalog to create queries on countless file attributes and tags.
  • Eliminates the manual effort of data movement from multiple silos by finding data based on queries and systematically and continuously moving data from multiple silos to target location.
  • Improves IT and business collaboration around data, as data owners/users can participate in data tiering decision-making by creating their own queries.

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Self-Service for LOB IT, Departments

  • Know First using the Komprise Global File Index to gain insights with Deep Analytics.
  • Grant LOB access to search and find what need about their storage.
  • Convert departmental teams into allies with greater visibility, communication, collaboration.
  • Enable enterprise IT to move smart on LOB data, making informed data management decision.

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What is Komprise Deep Analytics?

Deep Analytics is included in the full Komprise Intelligent Data Management platform and allows users to perform deeper analysis at the file level, using custom queries to search for trends and find specific data sets within or across shares. This way storage IT administrators and line of business teams and researchers can gain deeper insights on enterprise data to make the best decisions. See a demo of the Deep Analytics Directory Explorer.

With Deep Analytics, users can create custom queries using any combination of file metadata to narrow results down to specific data sets. Users can download customizable reports such as Showback, Orphaned Data, Potential Duplicates and Query Summary. Learn more about Komprise reports.

What are some examples of Deep Analytics queries?

Common examples of Deep Analytics queries include:

  • Find top users in the engineering department who have the largest amount of data on file server “NAS92”;
  • Find out which departments are creating large video and archive files across all shares;
  • Find out which users in R&D have not accessed most of their data in the last two years;
  • Find data of users who are no longer employed in the company;

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Can we set up Deep Analytics only users?

Yes. Komprise administrators can create a Deep Analytics user role for line of business IT managers who can then view and drill down into high level storage metrics. This in turn facilitates easier collaboration between central IT and departments on data management decisions. Watch a demo.

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