Smarter, Faster, Proven PowerScale Isilon Migration

Large enterprises are migrating from Dell EMC Isilon PowerScale to modern storage platforms to cloud file and object storage solutions. These cloud migrations are helping enterprises adopt more scalable, automated and cost-efficient storage platforms that can flex with fast-changing data environments. Customers like Pfizer are using Komprise to change the economics of enterprise data storage by tiering off Dell Isilon to modern all-flash storage + cloud. And, they are enabling Smart Data Workflows to leverage cloud data services to glean more value from their on-premises data storage footprint and their unstructured file and object data in the cloud.

The Smart Migration for PowerScale Isilon Difference

Komprise Intelligent Data Management is one platform to analyze, mobilize, extract and manage your unstructured data to save over 70% on storage and backup and move to the cloud 27x faster with Elastic Data Migration.

With Komprise for Dell PowerScale Isilon migrations and data management you can:
  • See Across Silos and Plan Effectively: Use Komprise Analysis and Deep Analytics to understand what unstructured data to migrate and plan your cloud migration. Gain insight into data type, ownership, data usage, age and access patterns, growth and other valuable metrics to define which directories, shares and files to migrate and to which target storage​.
  • Transparently Tier Cold Data: Leverage the patented Komprise Transparent Move Technology™ (TMT) for cloud tiering. Move cold data off Isilon to low-cost cloud storage with zero disruption to users or applications. Komprise acts even on data already moved by CloudPools to get it into the cloud in native format without requiring any additional Isilon capacity for rehydration.​
  • Migrate Isilon data 27x Faster with No Rehydration: Komprise analytics helps you decide what data should go where, and Komprise migrates the data with seamless automation. Even if you have used storage-tiering solutions such as CloudPools or FabricPools, Komprise migrates the data to the right mix of cloud file and object storage without requiring any rehydration – so you do not need to buy any more NAS.​ Faster SMB Migration. Faster NFS Migration.
  • Global Search and Smart Data Workflows: Komprise provides a Global File Index of all your file data, even after its moved to the cloud. You can search, build queries on the data, use tags, and have Komprise automate data workflows to feed data into cloud data services.
Unlike Isilon CloudPools, Komprise Transparent Move Technology (TMT):
  • Puts you in control of your data, staying with native file format in the cloud for “AI-ready data” and no vendor lock-in.
  • Maintains app and user access without stubs.
  • Stays out the hot data path for zero impact to primary data workloads.

By tiering cold data first, customers realize immediate cost reductions and reduce the data for migration. This is in stark contrast to point migration tools that must treat all data the same. Komprise is the easy, fast, no lock-in path to the cloud for file and object data.

A Fast, No Lock-In Path to the Cloud

With Komprise you will save and make money on your unstructured data. Empower users with AI-ready data that can be natively accessed. Leverage data services in the cloud without lock-in.

  • Ease into the Cloud: Not ready to put the Isilon out to pasture just yet? Start with Komprise cloud tiering to regain capacity and delay storage spend. Next replicate your Isilon to any third-party NAS for Cloud DR. When you are ready, Komprise can help with the final data migration and cutover.
  • Eliminate Complexity and Errors of Free Tools: Free data migration tools require significant human babysitting, are slow, and lack critical enterprise features like MD5 checks.
  • Eliminate Sunk Costs of Point Migration Tools: Data migration point tools have complex legacy architectures. Komprise makes cloud data migrations simple, fast and reliable and eliminates sunk costs. Get ongoing value from the Komprise Intelligent Data Management Platform for additional use cases and data lifecycle management.

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Elastic Data Migration

  • Makes cloud data migrations simple, fast and reliable.
  • Eliminates sunk costs with continual data visibility and optimization even after migration.


Smart Data Migration for Azure

Komprise is a select partner in the Microsoft Azure File Migration Program, giving Azure customers access to industry leading file-migration at no cost.


Smart Data Migration for AWS

The proven Komprise file and object data migration technology has received AWS Migration and Modernization Competency Certification.

What is Isilon?

Isilon Systems was a computer hardware and software company founded in 2001 by Sujal Patel and Paul Mikesell. It was headquartered in Seattle, Washington and sold clustered file system hardware and software for unstructured data. Isilon Systems became a publicly traded company on December 16, 2006. Isilon Systems was acquired by EMC Corporation in November 2010.In 2020, Dell rebranded their Isilon NAS product line PowerScale.

Learn about the history of Isilon here.

Learn more about Dell PowerScale here.

What are the Isilon Tiering options?

The Isilon tiering solution from Dell is now called PowerScale CloudPools. CloudPools software provides policy-based automated tiering that allows for an additional storage tier for the Isilon cluster at your data center. CloudPools supports tiering data from Dell PowerScale Isilon to public, private or hybrid cloud options. This technology is a form of storage pools, which are collections of storage volumes exported to a shared storage environment.

Cloud tiering can deliver significant cost savings as part of a cloud data management strategy by offloading unused cold data to more cost-efficient cloud storage solutions. The approach you take to Isilon tiering can either create an easy path to the cloud with native access and full use of data in the cloud or it can create costly cloud egress and vendor lock-in. Array block-level tiering is a mismatch for the cloud. Isilon cloud tiers blocks rather than entire files.

Learn more about Isilon Tiering here.

Read the white paper: Block-level vs File-level tiering.

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