In a world where your data will outlive your storage, why limit your data storage savings and data usage with a storage-centric data management approach? Komprise gives you an independent, storage-agnostic data management solution that works across all your file and cloud storage, moves data with full native access to all the compute at each tier, and eliminates lock-in. Optimize data storage costs. Know First. Move Smart. Take Control.

Your Data Will Outlive Your Data Storage Infrastructure

There was a time when data was mostly structured or semi-structured. Most of your enterprise data resided on disk and when you were done with it, you could push it off to tape. Data movement was primarily unidirectional, and all data processing was happening on the disk. A storage-centric approach to data management made sense in this era.

Today, organizations are dealing with massive unstructured data volumes (billions of files and objects). Data is piling up in silos across on-premises, cloud, and edge environments. It is difficult to search, slow to move, and there are many tiers of data—both offline and online. It is critical that you can leverage all of these meta-tiers and put data in the right place at the right time—not only for storage efficiency and data storage cost savings, but in order to extract more value from your data. With Komprise analytics-driven unstructured data management you get the benefits of a federated global namespace without sitting in front of the hot data path. See across silos and make better decisions with a unified data services platform delivered on demand.

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Data Storage Today:
  • More unstructured data (unsustainable growth)
  • More storage management choices
  • Tiered data is live and can be used in apps, BI, analytics, AI
  • Need “right-placing” of data continuously across storage silos

A Storage-Centric Approach Misses the Bigger Opportunity

In a world where your data will outlive your data storage, why would you want a storage-centric approach to unstructured data management?

5 Requirements for Storage and Data Agnostic Data Management:
  1. Goes Beyond Storage Efficiency
  2. Must be Multi-Directional
  3. Doesn’t Disrupt Users and Workflows
  4. Should Create New Uses for Your Data
  5. Puts Your Data First

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ONE Data Management Platform for All Your NAS and Cloud Data

With Komprise Intelligent Data Management, powered by Transparent Move Technology™ (TMT), you’ll always have the right data, in the right place, at the right time—without vendor lock-in.



Komprise use cases include:

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