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Unstructured data is growing exponentially in health and life sciences organizations. From medical images and clinical documentation to genomics and research data, the astronomical growth of unstructured data – including all the backup copies required – is testing the limits of traditional file data storage technologies. Healthcare organizations such as providers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies, researchers and government agencies need easy access to historical data for R&D purposes and to improve care plans for specific diagnoses and patient populations. Yet to meet compliance and research needs, file data is typically backed up and stored on expensive storage arrays, sometimes indefinitely in healthcare and life sciences organizations. This is becoming financially unsustainable.

Deliver better patient outcomes while cutting data storage costs.

Komprise Intelligent Data Management delivers quantifiable ROI for healthcare and life sciences organizations by analyzing which data can be tiered to warm or cold storage, saving up to 70% on file data storage and backup costs. Looking for a fast, easy path to the cloud for your file data? Komprise ensures that your users, your PACS and other clinical applications continue to work as before while cold data consumes less—without disruption, and without lock-in.

A lot of times I come in and it feel like it’s Christmas morning because we had planned 100TB to go to AWS and it’s 115TB because Komprise did their next scan and pulled some data I wasn’t counting on that aged out.

Director of Housing Data Services, Pfizer


Why Komprise for Health and Life Sciences

Why Komprise for Health and Life Sciences Data Management?
  • Identify and move data that is not routinely accessed to a cost-efficient scale-out secondary storage such as cloud of your choice.
  • Tier and archive data that remains fully accessible as files, exactly as before, so technicians and clinicians can always find the historical data they need.
  • Easily evaluate how file data is growing over time and make better data storage investment decisions.

Use Cases

Clinical and Medical Imaging Data Management

Komprise enables healthcare organizations to automatically move older medical images and other file data to the cloud based on policy to cut 70% costs without any change to apps or users.

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Pharmaceutical Research and Genomics Data

Read how Komprise is used to gain insight into unstructured data growth and usage across life sciences organizations, optimizing data storage and migrating to the cloud faster.

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Key Benefits for Health and Life Science Organizations

Keep Your Health and Life Sciences Unstructured Data Available and Affordable

Get a holistic view of your data across all storage vendors and siloed backup architectures, so you can make the unstructured data moves you want, when you want—and stay compliant with retention policies. Your researchers, medical staff, and other users won’t see any difference in how they access their file and object data. But you’ll see a dramatic savings with your ability to automatically identify and transparently move inactive cold data—based on the policies you set—and protect and store file data at a lower cost.

Know first, move smart, and take control of massive unstructured data growth while cutting 70% of enterprise file data storage, backup, and cloud costs.

Know Your Unstructured Data Across All File and Object Storage

Why are you keeping multiple copies of unchanging data? Within 15 minutes of deploying, Komprise Deep Analytics provides a Global File Index for a unified view of your data across all of your different storage environments to help you build a cohesive storage strategy. With Komprise you can:

  • Gain understanding of data usage and trends to aid planning
  • Tailor storage policies for different projects and user groups
  • Conduct “what-if” policy scenarios to see the benefits before you deploy
Move file and object data for data storage efficiency

Set your policies and Komprise Transparent Move Technology™ seamlessly migrates unstructured data without any changes to your user experience, applications, or hot data.

  • Move data to lower-cost storage alternatives, without disruption
  • Tier and archive data off primary storage to save and cut backup times
  • Ensure users can access moved data just as before
Stay in control of your health and life sciences unstructured data

With a Data-Centric not Storage-Centric Data Management solution, you can index, search, and use your data, whenever you need it, wherever it’s located. Because Komprise always stores files in the format native to the target storage device so they retain their full context, you can:

  • Ensure data doesn’t get locked into any one storage or backup solution
  • Migrate, backup, and reuse data, without having to rehydrate it
  • Ensure researchers and staff can directly access data wherever it goes

Unlock the value of your cold data at any time and ensure there is no disruption to your applications and end users.


Learn how Komprise can help you better manage your organization’s unstructured data, stay compliant, and save.

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