Improved Data Search, Classification, and Governance for AI

AI and big data analytics projects often require that data scientists and researchers spend 80% of their time finding the right data and moving it to the right locations for analysis. With Komprise Smart Data Workflows, you can easily search, find, and tag the exact files you want across all your hybrid storage and move the right unstructured data to your modern data platform. Enterprise IT organizations also need to support departments with Generative AI projects, yet they need to ensure that sensitive data (for example, PII data) doesn’t end up in public-facing GenAI tools. IT teams may need to investigate data movement to AI tools if negative or false outcomes occur from their use. They need new unstructured data governance capabilities to safely leverage AI.



Easily find your exact data across billions of files and take action. No impact on data storage performance. Never in the hot data path.

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  • Find relevant data across billions of files in multi-vendor storage, backup, and cloud locations.
  • Analyze any NFS and SMB storage.
  • Select query filters and criteria with point-and-click ease.
  • Save queries to run for future use.
  • Get summarized reports in graphical format.
  • Sort details by file servers, shares, owners, and file types.
  • Tag data you find based on custom queries (keys and values).
  • Tag data as files are being created with an API and build Smart Data Workflows.
  • Use third-party tools to scan files and enrich metadata to provide deeper data classification of data.
  • Find and segregate sensitive and regulated data and create automated policies to move that data as its discovered to a secure, immutable location.
  • Investigate the movement of data into AI tools by data type and owner/department.
  • Know your data with analytics. Right place data with Intelligent Data Management.

Komprise Deep Analytics provides the data search and access benefits of a global namespace, without being in the hot data path. It allows you to create a Global File Index, taking the big deal out of preparing for big data and AI projects.



Why is unstructured data so important for AI?

In a 2022 blog post, Komprise cofounder and CEO Kumar Goswami noted: “Enterprises need to be ready for this wave of change and it starts by getting unstructured data prepped, as this data is the critical ingredient for AI/ML. This entails new data management strategies which create automated ways to index, segment, curate, tag and move unstructured data continuously to feed AI and ML tools. Unforeseen changes to society, fueled by AI, are coming soon and you don’t want to be caught flat-footed.”

In an 2023 IDC survey, What Every Executive Needs to Know About Unstructured Data, summarized that “90% of the data generated by organizations was unstructured, and only 10% was structured. That year, organizations globally generated 57,280 exabytes of unstructured data — a volume that is expected to grow by 28% to over 73,000 exabytes in 2023.”

In a 2023 ZDNET article: In search of the missing piece of generative AI: Unstructured data, Joe McKendrick notes: “Enterprises have long wrestled with unstructured data. Now, they have another reason to pursue it — to support and be supported by AI.”

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What are Komprise Smart Data Workflows?

Komprise Smart Data Workflows lets users define and execute automated processes to manage and move data, which are often industry and domain specific. With Smart Data Workflows you can create custom queries across on-premises, edge and cloud storage silos to find the precise data you need, execute external functions on a subset of data and/or tag the data with additional metadata. The workflow can move data to the desired location and operate continuously as needed.

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