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Many genomics and healthcare organizations are struggling to balance exploding data growth with stringent regulatory requirements and flat IT budgets. Whether you’re managing large-scale genomic sequencing, clinical trial data, or patient health records, the need to strategically manage unstructured data growth, tier and archive data to the cloud, and control costs has never been greater.

Make smarter data decisions

Understanding what type of data you have, who’s using it, how frequently, and how fast it’s growing is key to better managing the petabytes of data you have to store, knowing what data to migrate and tier to the cloud, and how to get maximum value from your data across hybrid storage environments. These insights drive smarter decisions about what you can safely move to secondary storage to cut costs, shrink backups, and reduce the footprint you need to actively manage—all while staying compliant. Komprise can help.

Komprise provides a platform to help grow our business. We can analyze, manage and migrate data based on its SLA – not where users put it.

Jay Smestad, Senior Director Infrastructure Architecture,
Pacific Biosciences

Genomics Leader Manages 70% Data Growth

See how Pacific Biosciences uses Komprise Intelligent Data Management to handle its 7x YoY data growth on a flat IT budget by regularly moving their cold data to an active archive within a more cost-effective secondary storage environment.

Use Cases

Genomics firm saves 60% managing its sequencing data growth

Learn how Pacific BioSciences used Komprise to gain insight into data growth and usage across its data storage environment and helped them save 60% by moving storage to a lower tier.

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Healthcare provider cuts storage costs while staying compliant

See how a major hospital used Komprise to postpone storage purchases by transparently archiving cold data to cheaper storage and by cutting the active backup footprint.

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Key Benefits for Genomics And Healthcare Organizations

Keep Your Data Available, Affordable and Actionable

Create a Global File Index and get a holistic view of your unstructured data across all storage vendors and siloed backup architectures, so you can make the data moves you want, when you want—and stay compliant with retention policies. Your researchers, medical staff, and other users won’t see any difference in how they access the data. But you’ll see a dramatic savings with your ability to automatically identify and transparently move inactive cold data—based on the policies you set—and protect and store it at a lower cost.

Komprise offers three unique capabilities that completely change the way you’re able to look at and control your organization’s data.

Know Your Data Across All Storage

Within 15 minutes of deploying, Komprise Deep Analytics provides a unified view of your data across all of your different storage environments to help you build a cohesive storage strategy. With Komprise Intelligent Data Management, you can:

  • Gain understanding of data usage and trends to aid planning
  • Tailor storage policies for different projects and user groups
  • Conduct “what-if” policy scenarios to see the benefits pre-deployment

Move data for storage efficiency

Set your policies and Komprise Transparent Move Technology™ seamlessly migrates data without any changes to your user experience, applications, or hot data.

  • Move data to lower-cost storage alternatives, without disruption
  • Archive data off primary storage to save and cut backup times
  • Ensure users can access moved data just as before

Stay in control of your data

With Data-Centric, not Storage-Centric Data Management, you can index, search, and use your data, whenever you need it, wherever it’s located. Because Komprise always stores files in the format native to the target storage device so they retain their full context, you can:

  • Ensure data doesn’t get locked into any one storage or backup solution
  • Migrate, backup, and reuse data, without having to rehydrate it
  • Ensure researchers and staff can directly access data wherever it goes

Learn how Komprise can help genomics and healthcare organizations better manage unstructured data, stay compliant, cut costs and maximize data value.
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