The ability to automate workflows so we can further define this data at a more granular level and then feed it into analytics tools to help meet our scientists’ needs is a game changer.

– Senior Director of IT

Unstructured Data Workflows in Action

Komprise Smart Data Workflows allow you to define and execute automated processes, which are often industry and domain specific, to visualize, mobilize and get greater value from unstructured data. With the Smart Data Workflow Manager you can search across on-premises, edge and cloud data storage silos to find the data you need, execute Komprise or external functions on a subset of data and tag the data with additional metadata. ​Move only the data you need, built custom AI data workflows, and manage the lifecycle of unstructured data intelligently. Watch the chalk talk > >


How IT Teams are Using Komprise

Industry Use Cases



Search and index data across file, object and cloud data storage to build a comprehensive Global File Index.


Systematically and continuously move data from multiple unstructured data storage silos to the right target location.


Efficiently find, enrich, move the data you need for analytics projects and orchestrate the information lifecycle in the cloud.

The Unstructured Data Blindspot

Industry analysts predict that at least 80% of the world’s data will be unstructured by 2025. This data is critical for AI and ML-driven applications and insights, yet much of it is locked away in disparate data storage silos. This creates an unstructured data blind spot, resulting in billions of dollars in overspending on data storage and missed big data and AI opportunities.

The Need for Unstructured Management Policies > >

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