With unprecedented growth in unstructured data and accelerating demand to harness this data for analytical insight and AI, creating the optimal data infrastructure has never been more essential. Yet choice in data storage technology has evolved to accommodate new use cases such as AI and bolster security protection as ransomware continues to grow. At the same time, cost pressures on IT mount as storage constitutes at least 30% of IT budgets in most organizations. Determining the right path for a data storage refresh requires a data-driven approach.


With increased pressure on budgets and costs, buying more storage to solve the massive data growth challenge is not sustainable. Komprise Analysis gives enterprise IT teams the visibility and information they need to optimize costs with smart data tiering, data management and cloud data migration initiatives.

Paul Chen, Senior Director of Product Management at Komprise


With the Komprise Global File Index, customers gain full visibility into data across hybrid cloud storage. See data growth rates across the organization and by department. Understand data usage, such as time of last access, which can inform strategies for hot versus cold data storage. See top files types, which can also influence storage decisions.


Komprise lets you understand current storage costs and model savings by choosing different storage, such as by tiering cold data to the cloud. Enter actual data storage costs to determine upfront new projected storage costs and benefits before spending money on new storage. Compare on-premise versus cloud storage or factor in cloud tiering or adopting a new NAS platform.


Similarly, knowledge on data types and usage should be a continuous process. As data ages, it can move to lower storage tiers that are less expensive and may not require multiple backup copies. Less than 25% of data costs are in storage: the bulk of the costs are in the ongoing backup, disaster recovery and protection of the data. Storage refreshes should take this into consideration so that your organization is not over provisioning Tier 1 storage and instead spreading costs across different tiers based on age, requirements and value of the data.


Since Komprise allows you to avoid a one-size-fits-all data storage strategy, you can avoid vendor lock-in while increasing your flexibility to move data between different storage tiers or adopt new storage technologies without penalties. Komprise works across all your data independent of any storage technology and ensures that you can move data from platform to platform without the need to rehydrate it first.

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What is a data storage refresh?

A data storage refresh is the term used to describe the process of updating or upgrading an enterprise IT organization’s data storage infrastructure. This can involve replacing outdated hardware, migrating data to more modern data storage technologies, or implementing more efficient, optimized data storage solutions.

Some of the benefits of refreshing data storage infrastructure include: improved performance, increased scalability, enhanced reliability, better data security, streamlined management, support for new or advanced workloads, regulatory governments and compliance, reduced overall data storage costs and total cost of ownership (TCO). Additionally gaining competitive advantage from not only optimizing data storage costs but also harnessing greater value from unstructured data, for example analytics and AI initiatives, is increasingly an outcome of a data storage refresh.

How does Komprise help with a data storage refresh?

Too often we hear, “I wish I had known about Komprise Intelligent Data Management sooner!” Read the blog post, What can Komprise Analysis do for you? to get an understanding of the visibility that is possible with Komprise. And with Storage Insights, you get data and storage visibility in a unified data control plane.

Watch a Komprise Storage Insights Demo.

With Komprise you can analyze file and object data to make nuanced versus one-size-fits-all data storage investment decisions. Know first. Move smart. Take control.

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