A “smart data migration” strategy for enterprise file data means an analytics-first approach ensuring you know which data can migrate, to which class and tier, and which data should stay on-premises in your hybrid cloud storage infrastructure. Komprise Elastic Data Migration makes cloud data migrations simple, fast and reliable with continuous data visibility and optimization.

Can You Answer These Questions Today?

  • What data do we have and where is it stored?​
  • What data sets are accessed most frequently (hot) and less frequently (cold)?​
  • What types of files and which comprise the most storage (image files, video, audio files, sensor data, etc.)?​
  • What is the cost of storing these different file types?​
  • Which types of files should be stored in a higher security level? (PII or IP data? Mission-critical projects?)​
  • Are we complying with regulations and internal policies with our unstructured data management practices?

Elastic Data Migration

  • Makes cloud data migrations simple, fast and reliable.
  • Eliminates sunk costs with continual data visibility and optimization even after migration.


Smart Data Migration for Azure

Komprise is a select partner in the Microsoft Azure File Migration Program, giving Azure customers access to industry leading file-migration at no cost.


Smart Data Migration for AWS

The proven Komprise file and object data migration technology has received AWS Migration and Modernization Competency Certification.

Smart Data Migration Webinar Series

Smart Data Migration for File
and Object Data
Preparing for a File and Object
Data Migration
Cloud Native Access: What is it
and Why Does it Matter?

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