Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Azure analyzes data across your on-premises and cloud file storage to identify cold data, and tiers cold files based on the policies you set to the appropriate Azure Blob tier. Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Azure is the only Azure Marketplace solution that gives customers access to file analysis and tiering to and within Azure.

Every organization in the current environment is looking to do more with less while reducing cost. The rising cost of on-premises storage is a pain point that we are pleased to tackle in collaboration with Komprise. Since Komprise tiers data to Microsoft Azure in native readable format and provides data workflows, customers can cut costs and leverage the full power of Azure services to address AI, big data, security and compliance use cases.

Jurgen Willis, Vice President, Optimized Workloads and Storage, Azure
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Why Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Azure:

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Get Visibility Across Storage Silos Quickly
  • Analyze billions of files across any file and object storage (including NetApp, Dell EMC, Windows, Pure Storage) without having to move any data. Quickly gain visibility across all your file and object storage — on- prem or in private or public clouds — so you know how much data you have, what types, who’s using it and how fast data volumes are growing. Identify where your hot data should go, and how much you can save by transparently tiering cold data from your datacenter to Azure and by managing the data lifecycle within Azure.
Tier Data to Azure to Cut 70% Costs
  • Cut 70% of your file storage, backup and DR costs by tiering cold data that has not been accessed in months from any NAS to Azure Blob.
Automate Unstructured Data Management
  • If you are running file data in higher-performing Azure Files or popular cloud NAS such as Azure NetApp Files (ANF), use Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Azure to tier data to Azure Blob automatically as it ages, by policy.
Keep Users and Apps Happy
  • Leverage Azure cloud services without any data access disruption for users or applications. Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Azure transparently tiers files, so they appear where and how they always have, even though they’re now stored as objects. In addition, Komprise leaves the active data and control paths unchanged, so access to hot data is unaffected.
Avoid Lock-In with Open Standards
  • Komprise manages data across your storage without the use of stubs or agents, which add complexity and create vendor lock-in. Instead, Komprise uses open protocols, such as NFS, SMB, and REST/Object, so you stay in control of your data when it’s moved across storage solutions.

Smart Data Migration for Azure

Komprise Elastic Data Migration makes cloud data migrations simple, fast and reliable. It eliminates sunk costs with continual data visibility and optimization even after the migration. Migrating on-premises applications such as file workloads, high-performance computing (HPC) and analytics requires identifying and migrating tens of terabytes to several petabytes of file data stored on NAS appliances and other on-premises storage to the right tier of Azure Files, Azure NetApp Files and Azure Blob Storage.

In this white paper, we introduce the benefits of a Smart Data Migration strategy for file workloads to reliable, scalable, and secure cloud storage services on Azure.

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Flexible Tiering Options to Dramatically Reduce Storage Costs

Powered by patented Transparent Move Technology, Komprise Intelligent Tiering for Azure can be used in two scenarios to reduce file data storage, backup and DR costs:

  • Hybrid Cloud Use Case: Analyze and tier from any on-prem file and NAS to Azure, including NetApp, Dell Isilon, Dell VNX, Dell PowerScale, Nutanix, Qumulo, Pure FlashArray, FlashBlade, Windows Server, etc.
  • Cloud Lifecycle Management: Migrate and optimize cloud costs by tiering from Azure Files and ANF to Azure Blob, including Azure Files, Azure NetApp Files, Qumulo CloudQ – any cloud file storage to Azure Blob tiers
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