New Reports on Unstructured Data & Storage Costs from Komprise

Komprise is expanding the reports that we have available for customers to download and share. While customers have always been able to view these metrics in the product UI, sometimes it’s helpful to easily share reports with teams or individuals who do not have access to the Komprise Intelligent Data Management software solution. Now, IT managers don’t have to create these popular unstructured data reports – they’re available with the click of a button.

We’re happy to share these new reports which are now available from the Reports Tab in Komprise. Some of these require a Deep Analytics subscription, as indicated below. In addition to these new reports, Komprise users can download and share reports for Data Analysis Summary for their data tiering strategy or Migrations to see a summary of all data migrations performed using Komprise.

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Showback Report

The Showback Report displays the current data footprint for a department along with breakdown by top file types, shares and users. It shows storage costs, savings from ongoing data tiering to lower-cost storage and further savings opportunities.

Benefits: Showback helps departments better understand and track their IT expenses and make informed decisions about resource allocation and utilization.

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Orphaned Data Report

Requires Komprise Deep Analytics

The Orphaned Data Report shows metrics on data from ex-employees—sometimes referred to as “zombie data” or “unowned data.” Most organizations have no idea how much orphaned data they have nor how much it’s costing them—and that’s both a cost liability as well as a potential compliance issue if your organization has policies on deleting ex-employee data. Don’t keep data you don’t need.


  • Shows amount and cost of orphaned data;
  • Recommends actionable steps to reduce these costs;
  • Lists the top 10 shares with orphaned data by size.

Query Summary Report

Requires Komprise Deep Analytics

The purpose of the Query Summary Report is to deliver insight on any Deep Analytics query, showing number of files, size of data and space consumed by last access of those files.


  • Deep Analytics users can share their query results charts as a PDF so that stakeholders can understand uses and benefits of DA;
  • IT can get deeper intelligence on top query interests across different use cases to inform analytics and query needs across the organization.

Potential Duplicates Report

Requires Komprise Deep Analytics

Deleting data that is not needed naturally lowers the storage footprint and energy usage. Often, especially in research organizations, data sets are replicated for different experiments and tests but never deleted. Excess duplicate data raises storage and backup costs needlessly, increases data sprawl and potentially grows compliance and security risk. Watch the demo.


  • See how much potential duplicate data you have and how it breaks down by size;
  • Download a detailed CSV with details and locations of each copy;
  • Understand the cost savings you can achieve by deleting duplicates.

Get More from Komprise with Unstructured Data Reports

Accurate metrics on data growth, costs, hidden and orphaned data, file types, usage and capacity are critical components of unstructured data management solutions and the growing field of FinOps. Being able to share those metrics in easy to share and read reports with stakeholders in IT and across the business helps keep everyone on the same page, with shared goals.


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