Komprise Expands Pure Storage Support to New FlashBlade//E

PureStorage_HighlightPure Storage is making some noise. Storage Newsletter published a detailed summary of their most recent earnings. Highlights included: subscription annual recurring revenue (ARR) $1.2 billion, up 29% YoY.

A few weeks back, a Pure Storage executive predicted an end to hard drives in favor of the kind of efficient Flash products that Pure sells, as reported in Blocks&Files: “Our CEO in many recent events has quoted that 3 percent of the world’s power is in datacenters. Roughly a third of that is storage. Almost all of that is spinning disk. So if I can eliminate the spinning disk, and I can move to flash, and I can in essence reduce the power consumption by 80 or 90 percent while moving density by orders of magnitude in an environment where NAND pricing continues to fall, it’s all becoming evident that hard drives go away.”

This week Pure Storage is going big in Vegas at their annual Pure // Accelerate conference, with Shaquille O’Neil as the featured speaker. The show will have a focus on AI and sustainability, according to ITProToday. Komprise has partnered with Pure Storage for several years to deliver unstructured data management and mobility.

Today Komprise is excited to announce support for Pure’s new FlashBlade//E and Purity 4.1, complementing our support for FlashBlade//S and FlashArray Files.

Komprise for Pure Storage

Here is an overview of the primary use cases we see for Pure customers using Komprise:

  • File Migration for NFS, SMB, Object workloads: Pure Storage already resells Komprise Elastic Data Migration to deliver unstructured data migrations into Pure FlashBlade and FlashArray environments. Komprise is used by Pure Storage Professional Services teams for data migrations. This blog post covers five complex use cases for Komprise Elastic Data Migration. One customer migrated 2.5 PB and 4.6 billion files from NetApp to Pure and tiered 4 PB to Wasabi, resulting in massive data storage cost savings. In late 2022, Komprise released Hypertransfer, a significant update to Elastic Data Migration, which delivers 25x faster migrations compared to other common tools. Hypertransfer solves problematic migration scenarios such as SMB workloads, high counts of small files, and WAN-based migrations.
  • Komprise Analysis for Storage Assessments: Recently Komprise announced a new subscription offering, Komprise Analysis, for enterprises that want visibility first and are not yet ready to move data. It includes a new set of pre-built reports along with dynamic interactive analysis. Enterprise IT teams can see across all their hybrid storage environments and make the best decisions for maximum cost savings and value.
  • File and Object Tiering to FlashBlade//E: With an analytics-first approach, Komprise has proven to save customers 70% on file and object storage with a policy–based approach to unstructured data management. Customers can use Komprise to transparently tier from FlashBlade//S to FlashBlade//E and the cloud to tackle unstructured data growth while cutting cold data costs. And moving more data to Flash also means customers use less energy and can operate more sustainably.
  • Deep Analytics: With our Global File Index, we’re excited to work with the Pure Storage team to develop Smart Data Workflows into Nvidia-based AIRI systems and power their AI-ready data storage infrastructure.

Here’s to a great partnership helping customers sustainably manage unstructured data growth while maximizing data value.

Learn more about Komprise for Pure Storage.

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