Transparent Data Tiering Between FlashBlade//S and FlashBlade//E with Komprise

Transparent data tiering between FlashBlade//S  and FlashBlade//E  with Komprise

Pure Storage technical white paper to manage data intelligently

Komprise gives enterprises the ability to intelligently manage their data by identifying rarely accessed data from FlashBlade//S and transparently tiering it to FlashBlade//E without any changes to the user or application access. The combination of Komprise Intelligent Data Management with the FlashBlade line of high-performance, resilient storage ensures optimal cost/performance ROI.

Read this Pure Storage FlashBlade white paper to further understand the need for transparent data tiering, suggested architecture, solution validations and the benefits.


The paper reviews:

  • Data Management Challenges
  • Pure Storage FlashBlade Overview
  • Komprise Intelligent Data Management
  • Solution Validation and Benefits

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    Komprise along with both Pure Storage FlashBlade//S and FlashBlade//E offers a unique proposition for enterprises to tier their inactive out of
    high-performance, top tier FlashBlade//S to the capacity and cost optimized FlashBlade//E.

    Read this paper to understand the benefits of Komprise + Pure Storage.


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