Why Data Management Must Be Independent from Storage

storage_field_day_vert-300x300-1-150x150Last week the Komprise team presented at Storage Field Day 22. We had a chance to present live in San Jose, CA, which allowed for an interactive whiteboard session. The delegates were all online so it was still virtual, but it was great to not be 100% on Zoom. As always, thanks to the team at Gestalt IT for hosting the event and to all the delegates for their engagement.

In this post I’ll summarize the Komprise sessions and share the videos.

Why Data Management Should be an Independent Layer

In this session, Komprise CEO and Co-Founder Kumar Goswami reviews the unstructured data management challenges we see at Komprise and shares our recent momentum and customer stories (including how Pfizer saved 75% on storage costs by tiering cold data to AWS). Kumar goes on to make the case for data management being established as a separate, independent layer from data storage. He shares his 5 principles of analytics-centric data management.

Here’s the Komprise unstructured data management video:

Komprise Intelligent Data Management Demonstration

In this session, Komprise SVP of Engineering and Cloud Operations Mohit Dhawan demonstrates:

  1. Visibility, assessment, and planning across multisite storage with Komprise.
  2. Deep Analytics and fine-grained policy management with a preview of new Deep Analytics Actions.
  3. Transparent Move Technology™️ (TMT) and the benefits of the simple Komprise end user experience.

Here’s the Komprise Intelligent Data Management video:

Komprise Transparent Move Technology™️ Chalk Talk

In this whiteboard session, Komprise CTO and Co-Founder Mike Peercy reviews the power of Komprise TMT and how Komprise transparently extends your NAS to any storage while:

  1. Keeping native access in the cloud
  2. Being open (non-proprietary)
  3. Not using agents or stubs
  4. Staying outside of the hot data path

There’s even a caption contest for Mike’s session – feel free to chime in!

Here’s the Komprise TMT chalk talk video:

Getting Started with Komprise:

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