The 10 Principles of Komprise Technology

In our Komprise Intelligent Data Management Architecture Overview white paper we summarize the 10 principles of Komprise technology. I’m often asked to talk about our technology and roadmap with employees, customers, partners, and prospects, so I thought it would be useful to also share these principles on our blog. Not in any specific order, they are:

Komprise is simple to deploy and operate—it requires no proprietary interfaces or complex infrastructure setup.

Komprise works using open standards—NFS, SMB/CIFS and REST/S3—without the use of proprietary stub files or agents.

Vendor Agnostic
Komprise is built on open standards and works with any storage supporting those common standards—allowing you to keep your preferred vendors and manage data seamlessly across multiple vendor storage devices. Komprise future-proofs you and allows you to switch vendors at any time.

Komprise uses the analytics from your data usage and growth patterns to provide an ROI-driven approach to optimally manage your data based on your unique data needs.


Komprise moves data transparently which means it is fully accessible from the source as files, exactly as before, and the data is accessible as files or objects from the target. This ensures users are not disrupted and can still find the cold data where it was originally located on the source. Komprise maintains native access to the data on the target, so you are always in control of your data no matter where it resides.

Elastic Scaling
Komprise scales elastically on demand—there are no central bottlenecks, databases, or servers to limit scalability.

No Lock-In
Data is always accessible from your source storage and your target storage, even if Komprise is taken offline.

Data Management-as-a-Service
Komprise does not require dedicated hardware or upfront infrastructure investments. Komprise runs as a hybrid cloud service or as a fully managed unstructured data management-as-a-service (DMaaS) solution in the cloud.

Komprise analyzes and manages data in the background, with no impact to storage or network performance, and stays outside of the hot data and metadata paths.

Komprise throttles back as needed when your storage or network are in active use, so you never have to monitor or schedule when Komprise runs.

Our Tech Field Day chalk-talks on the Komprise architecture and Komprise Transparent Move Technology are available here.

We also recently published a Why Komprise solution brief on our website, which highlights many of these points.

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