Komprise Intelligent Data Management 5.0 is Here: Storage Insights


Unstructured data continues to dominate the enterprise IT landscape. “In 2022, 90% of the data generated by organizations was unstructured, and only 10% was structured, according to a recent IDC report. “That year, organizations globally generated 57,280 exabytes of unstructured data — a volume that is expected to grow by 28% to over 73,000 exabytes in 2023.” The analyst firm also noted: “Half (50%) of our survey participants told us their company’s unstructured data is mostly or completely siloed.”

Similarly, in the 2023 State of Unstructured Data Management report, organizations managing more than 10PB of data grew from 27% to 32% this year, a 19% increase. Nearly three-quarters (73%) are spending 30% or more of their IT budget on data storage and protection.

Massive data growth and data storage costs, increasing silos and the need to effectively and efficiently manage unstructured data are primary reasons why Komprise was founded in 2014.

Intelligent Data Management 5.0 

Today we’re happy to announce the general availability of Komprise Intelligent Data Management 5.0. This release includes some exciting updates developed to ease the burden on storage professionals managing complex hybrid cloud environments, including a new user interface that unifies data and storage management, called Storage Insights.

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Now, Komprise users can drill down into file shares and object stores across locations and sites in a single console. Storage managers can spot trends and track and manage custom metrics across storage environments in one place, and they can take action right from the console.


Those actions include things like:

  • Tier cold data transparently from the shares that have the highest amount of cold data to cheaper storage;
  • Customize the display to show storage owned by each department or division, then download a CSV report to “showback” to the data owners their impact on the corporate storage budget;
  • Identify cloud migration opportunities such as moving least modified shares or copying project data to data lakes;
  • Spot potential security threats and ransomware attacks on data stores with anomalous activity, such as high volume of modifications;

Storage Insights includes over 25 columns that allow users to choose what information to display, and in what order to understand the current state of enterprise storage assets across sites.


Early Customer Feedback

Over the last few months, I was able to listen in as our product management team previewed the new user interface to customers and the feedback has been amazing:

“This is something we can present to our VP. He likes to know and view the holistic app view of our storage.”

“I would find this incredibly useful myself. It would save me from asking our storage admin questions all day long.”

“Storage by department – that will be huge!”

“The Storage Insights functionality will give us the ability to see our storage footprint across our hybrid cloud. It’s a single interface that will show us important metrics like capacity usage in every storage location, which will save us a lot of time and ensure we make the right decisions for our departments and users.” — Matt Madill, storage systems administrator at Duquesne University.

New Reports and Other Platform Updates

Komprise customers should spend time reviewing the release notes and documentation as there are enhancements across the platform—from Komprise Analysis to Elastic Data Migration to numerous performance improvements, new support for Azure Lifecycle Management and more.

Komprise Intelligent Data Management 5.0 also includes new easy-to-share reports now available in the Reports tab, including Potential Duplicates Report, Orphaned Data Report, Users Report, and Migrations Report. Here’s a short demonstration of how customers can quickly determine new cost savings opportunities by filtering and finding potential duplicates across storage silos:

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Watch the on-demand webinar with Komprise product management to review what’s new in the latest release.

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“As unstructured data continues to grow explosively, enterprise storage is becoming more distributed across on-premises, multi-cloud and edge environments, and often across multiple vendor systems. This latest release gives customers an easier, faster way to proactively manage and deliver data services across this complex hybrid IT environment while optimizing their data storage investments.”

— Komprise cofounder and CEO Kumar Goswami

What’s new in Komprise Elastic Data Migration 5x?

In October, we announced expanded support for new unstructured data migration use cases with Komprise Elastic Data Migration. Read the blog and watch the on-demand webinar to learn more.


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