Komprise Spring 2021: Expanded Support of Cloud NAS Options

As always, our product team has been busy building out the Komprise platform for Intelligent Data Management. In the Fall of 2020, the team delivered a number of innovations and enhancements to simplify cloud data migrations and cloud data management for our customers and partners. Our Spring 2021 release builds on this theme with support for cloud NAS solutions that enables customers to use Komprise to manage cloud files as easily as their on-prem NAS files. We have also made it easy for customers who start with replication for Pure FlashArray Files to upgrade to our full data management solution.

In this post, I’ll focus on updates that our customers and our alliances partners will love:

  • Enabling Komprise intelligent data management of cloud NAS storage
  • Supporting native format for Transparent Archiving to Azure Blob Storage
  • Expanded support for NetApp data stores, including dual shares
  • Seamless upgrade path from our replication solution for Pure Storage FlashArray Files to the full Komprise unstructured data management solution

Enabling Komprise Intelligent Data Management of Cloud NAS Storage

The Spring 2021 release allows us to work even more closely with our cloud provider partners, by integrating support for their NAS offerings into the Komprise platform.

Komprise now supports these cloud NAS options:
  • Support for Amazon EFS: Easily analyze and migrate data to/from Amazon EFS (NFS protocol)​ and migrate on-prem datacenters to EFS.
  • Support for Amazon FSx for Windows File Server: Easily analyze and migrate data to/from Amazon FSx for Windows File Server (SMB protocol) and migrate on-prem data centers to FSx.
  • Support for Azure Files: Easily analyze and migrate data from/to Azure Files (both NFS and SMB protocols) and migrate on-prem data centers to Azure Files.

Komprise also supports third-party NAS solutions in the cloud, such as NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and Azure NetApp Files.

Customers can use our analysis to first identify what data needs to be migrated to cloud NAS options, then migrate the data reliably using Komprise Elastic Data Migration, and finally manage all their data in the cloud. Since Komprise keeps data in the cloud in native format, you can use your files and objects directly in the cloud using native cloud tools like an S3-browser and leverage Komprise Deep Analytics to search across all your data and build a Global File Index, which is virtual metadata lake.


Learn more about our AWS NAS partnership.

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Supporting Native Format for Tiering/Archiving to Azure Blob Storage

Komprise now expands support of Transparent Archive from their on-prem NAS storage to Azure Blob Storage to include native format for the archive blobs. The advantages of native format include:

  • No vendor lock-in: Users and applications can access the archived data directly from Azure, without requiring Komprise to mediate access.
  • Cost optimization: Optimized Azure API costs when writing and retrieving files, since files are stored as single objects instead of as multiple objects for each file chunk.
  • Better performance: Higher performance data transfers in native format over other formats (e.g., chunked, chunked and compressed), due to multi-part uploads and other optimizations.

Expanded Support for NetApp

Customers already use Komprise with their NetApp ONTAP environments to analyze, migrate, transparently archive, backup and replicate data.  We have now expanded our support of NetApp to NetApp mixed-mode (or, DUAL) shares – shares accessible over both NFS and SMB.  Komprise has supported transparent tiering/archiving for DUAL shares on EMC Isilon for quite some time. With the Spring 2021 release, we now support transparent tiering/archiving for NetApp DUAL shares. Some of the ways Komprise works with NetApp include:

  • Migrating off 3rd Party NAS to NetApp AFF, FAS (NFS to NFS, SMB to SMB)
  • Migrating data to NetApp in the cloud from any NAS – including NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP (CVO) on AWS, Azure and Google, and Azure NetApp Files (ANF)
  • Transparently tiering/ archiving from any NAS to NetApp StorageGRID or a lower tier NetApp NAS such as NetApp E-Series
  • Use as a data lake for AI/ML with search and tagging with native access to moved data

Learn more about Komprise for NetApp.

Seamless Upgrade for Customers Using Komprise Asynchronous Replication for Pure FlashArray Files

With the Spring 2021 release, we’ve made it easy for Pure FlashArray Files Asynchronous Replication customers to upgrade to the full Komprise Intelligent Data Management platform. They can start with replication and expand to the full Komprise data management solution at any point with a single change to the license. The recently announced data replication capabilities for Pure FlashArray Files:

  • Enable protection of Pure FlashArray Files Services arrays with periodic copies of source shares​
  • Ensure a point-in-time copy of the source​
  • Ensure a safe, consistent copy is always available on the destination​
  • Enable failover and failback for recovery operations​
  • Enjoy all the recent NFS and SMB performance improvements made for data migrations​

Learn more about Komprise for Pure Storage.

To learn more about Komprise Intelligent Data Management Spring 2021, contact your account or customer success manager.

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