Efficiently Manage Cloud NAS (AWS EFS & FSx) with Komprise

Most of today’s applications are designed to work with file protocols like NFS and SMB. To run them in the cloud—without the hassle of code changes and with reasonable performance—a cloud Network Attached Storage (NAS) must be local to an application. If not, they’ll need to re-write them to use S3.

Since we all know file data is here to stay, there’s a growing need for cloud NAS to provide a shared file system in the cloud. These managed native cloud file systems allow you to get started quickly and pay as you go—there’s no capital investment or specialized IT expertise needed to set them up. That’s why AWS now offers managed cloud NAS services.

Types of AWS Managed Cloud NAS Services

  • AWS EFS manages NFS, which is good for Linux applications
  • AWS FSx manages SMB, which is good for window applications

Just like your existing on-prem NAS storage environment, you pay extra to store data on this higher performing storage tier.  Currently, the price of AWS S3 storage is $0.023/GB-month, while the price of AWS EFS/FSx is $0.30/GB-month. To optimize these storage tiers, it’s important to have a data management system for your files stored in the cloud—one that ensures you’re only paying for the right data to be stored there.

Optimize Your NAS Storage with Cloud Data Management Software

Komprise Intelligent Data Management software can dramatically reduce your costs by providing valuable insight and visibility into the data stored on your native cloud NAS services. You can analyze your EFS or FSx for Windows and set up custom policies to archive cold data (e.g., data not accessed in 12 months) transparently to S3.

Across our customer base, we’ve found that 76% of their data is cold and doesn’t need the NAS level of performance. Identifying the 24% that truly needs Cloud NAS and sending the cold data to S3 storage will save significant costs. A back-of-the-envelope calculation for these customers shows that if they used 50 TBs of cloud storage and stored it all on Cloud NAS, the annual cost would be $180K. Using Komprise to identify the cold data and store it on S3 with the remaining hot data on Cloud NAS, the annual cost would be $53K—over 70% savings.

What makes this even better is that Komprise Intelligent Data Management archives transparently because they have a patented Transparent Move Technology™ (TMT). TMT allows an archived file to appear as if it’s still on the NAS.  When that file is accessed, Komprise fetches the file from S3, caches it, and instantly responds to the file system request in a way that’s completely transparent to the user or application.  This lack of disruption actually allows users to be more aggressive with their archiving, selecting more data—untouched in 3 or 6 months—to realize even deeper cost savings with simple cloud data management services.

Save More on Cloud NAS Storage with Komprise Data Management Tools

The combination of Amazon’s Cloud NAS services with Komprise’s Intelligent Data Management makes it possible to have your cake and eat it too. You get the simplicity of a managed NAS with no capital expense at a price that makes this service extremely compelling.  In fact, depending on your data usage pattern, the price difference between EFS and S3 is no more than that of S3 and S3IA.  In a time when data volume is doubling and IT budgets aren’t, this is music to an IT managers’ ears.

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