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Komprise March Update: Product, People and News

Thinking about tech news with the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine can feel trivial – but it’s also telling how ingrained tech is in our lives and world affairs. Protocol posted about how major tech vendors including Google, Samsung and Microsoft are responding by pulling out of Russia. Blocks and Files covered the storage vendor aspect of this trend.

Here’s our take on intriguing IT infrastructure and data trends reported in the trades, along with our own latest news.

Chip Shortage Potentially Worsened by Ukraine Crisis

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is likely to create havoc on the semiconductor chip market. Both Ukraine and Russia are key sources for neon gas and palladium, both of which are needed in the manufacturing of semiconductors, as reported in Crunchbase. The U.S. neon supply is largely from Ukraine/Russia, while Russia also is a key supplier of palladium, providing about 33 percent of the worldwide supply, according to Techcet. Russia could choose to ban sales of these materials to North America and other regions in a quid pro quo move to President Biden’s March 8th ban of Russian energy imports.


Cloud Storage Maturity Brings Up New Security Risks

The year 2021 saw massive adoption of cloud technology as business moved operations from on-premises. Gartner predicts that global spending on cloud services is expected to reach over $482 billion in 2022, up from $313 billion in 2020. Along with that move came new security challenges as infrastructure teams adopted cloud-based technologies and blended with on-premises solutions. Not surprising, this presents some security challenges. A report from CybelAngel found that cloud storage leaks grew by 150% in 2021 from 2020, as covered in StorageNewsletter. Pauline Losson of CybelAngel remarks: “The huge growth in cloud adoption and organizations’ increasing reliance on outsourcing development work means that all risks are, in effect, moving to the cloud.”


Object Storage Comes of Age

Cloudian’s CEO and CTO discussed the evolution of object storage and its dependence on the widespread adoption of the S3 API, in TechTarget: “What we’re seeing is a lot of people simply cannot store data on the traditional storage at the same rate, at the same cost and with the same way to manage. When you get to enough of a scale, object is really the only way.”


Untangling AWS S3 Choices

Choosing the right classes storage depends upon a number of variables including access frequency, user requirements (such as how fast retrieval times must be) and file types. A Cloud Guru published a thorough analysis of the AWS storage decision tree including a helpful infographic. Here’s just one consideration: “If you have objects that you need to retain for business reasons, and absolutely have to be on-hand for immediate access, S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval is spot-on for your needs. If it can wait even a few minutes, S3 Glacier Flexible Retrieval (formerly just S3 Glacier) can continue to save you heaps, and even more if hours or days are an option, where you may use S3 Glacier Deep Archive.”


Komprise News

Azure & Komprise File Migrations

Once you’ve decided on cloud storage targets, it’s time to address the migration process—which can be slow and risky if data is lost or results in access issues. In February, Microsoft announced a new program: the Azure File Data Migration service and Komprise is one of just two vendors chosen for the launch. Azure customers can use Komprise Elastic Data Migration to simplify and improve data migrations to Azure, at no cost. Read our blog interview with Azure’s Storage Guru Karl Rautenstrauch.


Kompriser Spotlight

Larry Dabrow, director of North America channel sales at Komprise, was included in the CRN 2022 Channel Chiefs list. Prior to Komprise, Dabrow worked in senior channel and sales roles at Dell, EMC, FalconStor and Ingram Micro.


Komprise Honored by Storage Magazine

Komprise was named to the list of top data storage and management tools of 2021, by SearchStorage and Storage Magazine.


Komprise in the Press

VentureBeat: “With data growing at an unprecedented rate, comprising 30% or more of the overall IT budget on its storage, now is the time to hunker down on the idea of data management policy automation.”—Randy Hopkins, VP, Global Systems Engineering

Enterprise Storage Forum: “It’s time to manage data across silos, across edge data centers and clouds. They are not going away, and no one storage vendor can help customers avoid silos altogether.”—Kumar Goswami, co-founder and CEO of Komprise

The Patent Lawyer: “It was only after the big problems were solved that we went for the patent. This was helpful because we did the hard work to get to the top of the mountain and then knew exactly what to patent.”—Kumar Goswami

CRN: “There’s a huge blind spot when it comes to unstructured data management, both on the optimization of the data and in the extraction of value from that data. That‘s the problem we’re solving.”—Krishna Subramanian


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