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Komprise April Update: Product, People and News

We often use phrases like ”cloud journey” or “path to the cloud” as if the cloud is a destination — and once we arrive the challenges and complexities we face with on-premises IT infrastructure will be a thing of the past. This month we explore articles illustrating that data management is an ongoing and evolving process that doesn’t stop where the cloud begins.

Here’s our take on intriguing IT infrastructure and data trends reported in the trades, along with our own latest news.


Don’t Move Your On-Premises Data Problems to the Cloud

There are a lot of amazing things the cloud can do for enterprise IT: instantaneous deployment, fully managed services and relentless innovation but it can’t fix poor data management practices. As David Linthicum in InfoWorld states: “News flash: The cloud fixes nothing. It’s simply another platform that will host your existing data problems.” The move to the cloud is an opportunity to assess current practices and avoid repeating mistakes with data in the cloud.


Which Flavor of Multicloud for You?

DevOps and cloud computing influencer Lee Atchison discusses the continually evolving models of multicloud computing including polycloud and sky computing with in-depth descriptions of each. “Often, no formal decision is made and the choice to become multicloud happens haphazardly,” he writes. “This is especially common with companies that are new to the cloud or lack cloud sophistication. One group of engineers on one day decided to use an AWS service, such as Amazon S3. Another group on another day decided to use a GCP service. Independently, service teams may decide they need to deploy service capabilities within one or the other cloud provider’s services, and different groups may make different decisions. While using multiple cloud providers does have advantages, using them randomly or haphazardly like this seldom does. Yet, it’s a common pattern.”


Getting Granular on Cloud Storage Security

Enterprise Storage Forum digs into some of the common issues and misconceptions around cloud storage security yet also provides some reassurances: “A major advantage of the cloud is that many security elements are already built into systems. This typically includes strong encryption at rest and in motion.” Among the best practices for cloud security are this one: “An organization can achieve high security cloud storage by mapping how data flows across systems, devices, applications, APIs and clouds.” The more intelligence you have on your data, how and where it is stored, the better chance you can adequately secure it for all its intended purposes.


Security Survey Indicates Gaps in Strategy and Visibility for Ransomware Defense

A survey of more than 2,700 executives with influence over IT and data security found that one in five (21%) have experienced a ransomware attack in the last year, according to Security Boulevard. Yet the study revealed less than half of businesses (48%) have a formal ransomware plan. “For an organization to decide which levels of protection and controls to use, it must first be able to discover data wherever it resides and classify it,” said a source interviewed. “This means scanning all on-premises and cloud repositories for structured and unstructured data, which can be in many forms, including files, databases and big data.


What’s New at Komprise

Komprise Architecture Closer Look

We published a new page on our website illustrating how our platform can support many use cases including smart data migration, transfer data tiering and AI-ready data and workflows. The key architectural components include: a scalable, elastic grid architecture, patented Transparent Move Technology and a Global File Index.



VMBlog Q&A with Krishna Subramanian

“Analyzing unstructured data is becoming pivotal because machine learning relies on unstructured data-and most sectors are keenly interested in the world of AI and ML,” says Komprise President Krishna Subramanian. “Enterprises need to rapidly parse through data — much of it unstructured — to find the information that will drive business decisions.”


Times of India Interview with Komprise Head of Engineering in India

Our VP of India Engineering and Operations Prateek Kansal discusses the reskilling mandate for many storage IT pros. “As more infrastructure moves to the cloud and storage provisioning and management becomes automated, these individuals will need to study up on hybrid cloud architectures, cloud storage and how data moves across on-premises storage to different environments and back again along with the changing landscape of unified data management.”


Komprise EMEA Channel Director in Ecommerce Age

“IT directors need the flexibility to move their data to new devices and clouds as is desired and required to meet business requirements and achieve cost, performance and data protection advantages,” said Martin Gibbons, head of channel in EMEA. “They want to do this without experiencing the penalties (in the form of license fees, integration hassles or cloud egress when data leaves a private network to reside on some other service etc.) associated with tiering, archiving or migrating data elsewhere.”


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