Komprise Unstructured Data Management Solutions Now Available on IBM Cloud Marketplace

Komprise_IBM-Blog_Resource_Thumbnail_800x533We are excited to share that Komprise products are now available on IBM Cloud Marketplace.

As unstructured data growth continues to explode, with IDC estimating 149 zettabytes will be created by 2024, organizations are struggling to contain data storage costs while realizing data value.

Komprise Intelligent Data Management delivers one place to see and manage all your unstructured data, on-premises and in the cloud, without impeding hot data access. Holistic visibility means you can understand your data, manage costs and attract new value from your data. Komprise customers save an average 70% on storage, backup and cloud costs with intelligent data tiering, move to the cloud 27x faster with smart data migration and see a dramatic reduction in time spent preparing data for analytics workflows with our Global File Index.

Komprise Elastic Data Migration allows IT teams to run, monitor, and manage hundreds of data migrations faster than ever at a fraction of the cost. Features include analysis across storage silos to plan what to move where for the best savings. Achieve the fastest, most reliable migrations for problematic SMB data sets with Komprise Hypertransfer, which is 25X faster than open-source tools like Robocopy. Migrate NFS data sets 27X faster than common tools like Rsync as well. Achieve full file fidelity and manage chain of custody reporting with checksums and integrity reporting per file.

IBM Cloud Marketplace provides a valuable sales channel for IBM partners to buy and sell their enterprise applications to IBM Cloud clients worldwide. Through the marketplace, customers can unlock IBM Cloud’s trusted relationships, while gaining simplicity through single invoicing, seamless account integration, and a streamlined approach for deployment and management of their cloud solutions.

Komprise Unstructured Data Management solutions join over 400 existing offerings on IBM Cloud Marketplace, increasing the delivery of Komprise’s services, driving product awareness, streamlining billing and metering processes, and opening access to enterprise clients running on IBM Cloud.

Through the IBM Cloud Marketplace, customers can access Komprise Elastic Data Migration and Komprise Intelligent Data Management, the full platform which includes the migration offering, along with data tiering, Deep Analytics and Smart Data Workflows.

Komprise has been working with IBM since 2017, offering enterprise customers managing petabytes of unstructured data a solution for tiering and migration to IBM Cloud Object Storage and IBM Spectrum Scale solutions.

Simply pick your IBM target in Komprise, and the solution can automatically move data by policy. Moved data is accessed exactly as before from your source storage and users can access it as files or objects directly from IBM Cloud. Similarly, if data is moved to IBM Tape Storage via IBM Spectrum Scale, that data is still accessible from the Source NAS as well as from IBM Spectrum Scale. Komprise patented Transparent Move Technology (TMT) ensures a nondisruptive experience for users and the ability to readily access moved data without lock-in to the original storage.

IBM bolsters its catalog of offerings on IBM Cloud Marketplace to empower 95% of the Fortune 500 using IBM Cloud and over 600,000 monthly active users with the solutions they need to support their digital transformations.

Customers can find both solutions on the IBM Cloud Marketplace at these links:

Komprise Intelligent Data Management

Komprise Elastic Data Migration

About Komprise
Komprise is a provider of unstructured data management and mobility software that frees enterprises to easily analyze, mobilize, and monetize file and object data across hybrid cloud data storage without shackling data to any one vendor. With Komprise Intelligent Data Management, enterprise IT teams optimize enterprise storage, backup and cloud costs while making the right data available to analytics and AI tools. Learn more at www.komprise.com.

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