Expanding Unstructured Data Access with Governance

Spring is finally here (in the Northern Hemisphere). And that means it’s time to introduce Komprise Intelligent Data Management Spring 2023. Building on themes of our last few releases, we’re continuing to advance our Deep Analytics capabilities, delivering greater data access and unstructured data governance for groups, more powerful search capabilities and a new Directory Explorer that makes it easier for researchers and storage administrators to navigate down a familiar hierarchy to find what they need.

As always, customers should visit our Support Portal to review release notes and guides. Be sure to also read the blog post on the new reporting capabilities, including a new Reports Tab and check out one of our recent Customer Success webinars.

Unstructured Data Governance and Access: What Gives?

There is always a tricky balance between protecting data for security, privacy and compliance reasons while also making sure that authorized users can get to the data they need quickly without disruption and a lot of IT overhead. It’s even more critical to fulfill these goals today, with so much riding on data to meet business goals. And now, with generative AI creeping into many aspects of technology, IT leaders must stay focused on managing data access appropriately without jeopardizing business innovation. Here are some data points to support these priorities:

  • In a recent DataOps Survey by 451 Research, data privacy, compliance, and data access and preparation are top priorities for data-driven organizations.
  • According to a survey from Informatica, data governance is the top priority among chief data officers (CDOs).

With these goals in mind, here are the new updates to Komprise Intelligent Data Management:

Deep Analytics in Focus

Komprise Deep Analytics builds a comprehensive Global File Index that can span petabytes of unstructured data across storage silos. IT users can create custom data sets through tagging and deliver policy-driven data management and mobility to meet organizational needs which can vary by department and team. Komprise Deep Analytics updates in the Spring 2023 release include:

Share-Based Access for Groups

Komprise administrators now can assign group access to shares using Active Directory, which automatically provisions data management access only to users in those groups. Share-based access control (SBAC) for Groups saves IT administrators time because they no longer need to manually configure access to individuals. This also means that users, such as an R&D IT director, can get access faster to see all their data and understand her group’s usage patterns. She can tag data for policy-driven management; for example, the Komprise administrator can execute a plan to move research files to archival storage once the project has finished.


Directory Explorer

The new Directory Explorer is a file browser-like interface that gives users the ability to drill down into individual directories for more granular control. For example, if projects are organized by directories, a project manager can quickly locate them and request that the files go into a cloud tiering plan after a certain date. A departmental user could also select files from specific directories to be copied to another share or moved to the cloud for analytics or archiving per industry regulations. This gives users another way to discover files other than searching by metadata tags through Deep Analytics.

Exclusion Query Filters

Komprise Deep Analytics search now includes the ability to filter data using exclusions and then use these queries to create data management policies. For example, “find all data except .log files or find all data except in .dat directories.” This gives users one more way to find precisely the data they need—and nothing they don’t. That way, you don’t end up moving more data than you need to a different location (such as expensive cloud file storage) or the wrong data to a location where it won’t meet compliance requirements (such as PII data that must be stored on a specific NAS on-premises).

Watch the Directory Explorer demo:

Other platform updates with the Spring 2023 release:

The Intersection of AI and Data Management

The implications of unstructured data growth are ever-expanding as IT organizations see the need to manage it for cost savings and protect it for future use. AI will increasingly be center to these conversations, and properly managing unstructured data governance and data access is becoming core to every storage manager’s job. For more on the intersection between AI and data management, watch this short video with Komprise COO Krishna Subramanian.

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