The Komprise Internship Experience

Komprise has an active intern program in our Bangalore office. We hire from the best and most reputed engineering colleges across India, and candidates undergo an intensive evaluation process that includes a coding test and technical interviews with our senior engineers and hiring managers. The offer we make is a six-month paid internship transitioning to a full-time position upon graduation.

So, what’s it like to work as an intern at Komprise? The job is not doing low-level coding or administrative work. Our interns work in the trenches developing features and solving real issues like other engineers. Here’s the scoop from four interns who now work as full-time employees.



Sourav Agrawal – Software Engineer

Komprise was Sourav’s first internship experience. He admits to being overwhelmed at the start, given the nature of a fast-paced startup environment. “It was more of a sink or swim deal, which worked very well for me, in retrospect. I was given real responsibilities from the beginning and was working on real stuff. I sensed and saw first-hand the effort everyone else put into getting us interns up to the expected mark.” He says he was motivated by how others encouraged him—not as a lowly intern but as someone who could handle the responsibilities. “I always knew I had the support I needed to finish whatever tasks were assigned to me.”


Kashish Oberoi – Software Engineer

Working as a Komprise intern was not his first internship, but Kashish loved the inclusive approach which involved rotations on different teams and the ability to meet many individuals across the organization. He got to work on the live product during the internship and helped resolved issues as a matter of course. “I knew my contribution mattered,” he said. “I never got the impression that something was beyond my pay grade.”

The experience has helping him succeed in his job as a full-time developer today: “Now I understand the code and I know whether it’s feasible for what I write to work for the other teams, which helps me make an informed decision. As a full-time employee I feel a responsibility towards my juniors, the incoming interns. The bar has been set really high and I try to inculcate in myself things I have seen others doing or have done for me during my internship.”


Aparna Mrityunjay – Software Test Engineer

Aparna’s experience as an intern at Komprise delivered several benefits: exposure to the full testing process, a sense of belonging to the entire organization, time management and ambition: “I realized the value in having a hunger for knowledge because I saw that hunger in everyone whom I worked with, even experienced team members. They never hesitated to ask each other for an explanation on anything they were not sure of.”

This culture of collaboration and feedback was positive as a young, untested intern; she says she felt appreciation from both her seniors and peers, however negligible the impact of the work. This gave her a strong foundation as she moved into a permanent role at Komprise: “I had the opportunity to be a mentor to a newcomer as soon as I started full-time and I was amazed at the confidence my manager showed in me. I now feel competent enough to contribute to someone else’s learning journey.”


Nishikanth CS – Software Test Engineer

“Compared to friends’ experiences in larger companies, I feel like I am making a greater impact towards the customer experience,” says Nishikanth. “I realized that the work I’m doing impacts the business and that I am responsible for something that affects other people as well. Coming from a college set up it was an eye opener.”

Nishikanth also remarked on how patient and approachable his fellow Komprisers were as he was adjusting to the learning curve: “They answered every little question and gave me direction.” As well, he found unexpected benefits of being an intern in a remote working situation: getting out of his comfort zone and gaining maturity. As a full-time employee, he says he’s motivated knowing that what he did during his internship is still in motion.


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