And the Winner for Unstructured Data Management Is…Komprise!

goldstevieawardpr_resource_thumbnail_800x533It’s been a superb month of recognition for Komprise and we couldn’t be more thankful to our customers, partners and employees for this industry recognition. Last week we announced that Komprise won the Gold Stevie® Award in the Data Tools & Platforms, New Product & Services category of the 22nd Annual American Business Awards® (ABA).

Also in April, Komprise Intelligent Data Management was recognized for two other industry awards:

  • Data Management Platform of the Year” by the 2024 Data Breakthrough Awards
  • “2024 Cloud Computing Product of the Year Award” from Cloud Computing Magazine and TMC

These awards build on the momentum in the market for storage-agnostic unstructured data management and mobility as enterprises modernize data center infrastructures and prepare for AI workloads.

In a recent Harvard Business Review survey of data leaders, only 37% agreed — and only 11% agreed strongly — that their organizations have the right data foundation for gen AI.

Komprise Intelligent Data Management is delivering upon three core objectives for IT and data leaders:
  • Supporting enterprise-wide goals for cost optimization, in an environment where data storage and backup costs constitute 30% or more of IT budgets in most organizations. Read more about our approach to analysis-based unstructured data management for cost savings here.
  • Delivering a Deep Analytics platform to support granular search and automated policies for security, compliance and AI projects–such as finding sensitive data (read the AWS blog post), discovering anomalous activity on shares or out-of-policy usage by individuals and departments and segmenting data sets to be included OR excluded from GenAI usage.
  • Speeding time to market for AI initiatives with our Smart Data Workflows functionality.

Komprise Market Results

In 2023, Komprise new subscriptions doubled (again), driven by strong growth in new logos and record expansion from existing customers. The company grew average annual contract value (ACV) by 60% with multiple seven-figure deals throughout the year. Further, we’re now managing unstructured data in the exabyte range across our customers, which span enterprises in healthcare, life sciences, public sector, legal, energy, financial services, higher education and media & entertainment industries.

Check out the Komprise awards page for other honors and read our 2023 momentum press release.

Unified Control Plane for Unstructured Data Management

As a Stevie Gold Award winner for 2024, Komprise was recognized for Storage Insights, a unified console for data-centric and storage-centric metrics. Storage Insights gives storage administrators the ability to drill down into file shares and object stores across locations and sites, including relevant metrics by department, division or business unit, such as:

  • Which shares have the greatest amount of cold data?
  • Which shares have the highest recent growth in new data?
  • Which shares have the highest recent growth overall?
  • Which file servers have the least free space available?
  • Which shares have tiered the most data?


Read: 5 requirements for a unified control plane for unstructured data management

Commentary from Stevie Awards judges

Here’s what the judges had to say about Komprise Intelligent Data Management:

“Great innovation of self-discovery of unstructured data across the organization and efficient management of it. It is every companies’ growing pain and concern about siloed data storage.”

“Their advanced analytics solutions empower businesses to gain valuable insights from their unstructured data, facilitating data-driven decision-making and cost savings. Komprise’s commitment to data analysis and mobility has earned them recognition as a leader in business analytics and data management solutions.”

“Robust solution for managing large volumes of unstructured data. Strong customer testimonials with tangible benefits in terms of cloud cost savings.”

“The new product, Storage Insights appears to address an important need in enterprise data management by providing IT managers with deep visibility and actionable insights into their data across storage environments. Storage Insights brings good value to enterprises by providing unified metrics, informed decision-making capabilities, efficiency and productivity gains, enhanced visibility into data, and support for analytics initiatives. It empowers IT managers to optimize storage resources, reduce costs, and unlock the full potential of their data assets.”

Thank you to the Stevie Awards judges for recognizing Komprise Intelligent Data Management.

Be sure to watch a demonstration here and sign up for a custom Komprise demonstration to see Intelligent Data Management in action.


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