Smart (and Free) File Data Migration to Microsoft Azure

Komprise recently announced that we’ve been selected for the Microsoft Azure File Migration Program, which is an exclusive new program giving Azure customers access to industry leading file-migration at no cost.

Let’s face it, enterprise data migrations are always stressful. And when you factor in moving data to the cloud, that stress and risk compounds. It’s hard to know which files to move, when and where (to which cloud storage class) and the typical migration process is slow and error-prone.

“If you take the same approach with the cloud as with on-prem migrations, which is taking entire volumes of data and moving them, that is not the right approach for cloud,” says Steve Pruchniewski in a recent Komprise webinar with Azure about the new program. “You’ll end up putting data on the wrong storage tier. Cloud data migrations require that you take a minute to see what data you have and then you can move to the cloud in an agile way and move data over time. In a way, it’s the end of migrations.”

Komprise is a select partner working with Azure to help customers migrate file data to the cloud in simpler and cost-effective way.


“I recognized a gaping hole in our story to help customers onboard to Azure and that is unstructured data migration,” says Karl Rautenstrauch, Principal Program Manager for Storage Partners at Microsoft. “Not only did we not have a tool for this but we have trained customers to expect migration to be free. Our Komprise partnership solved both problems—an intelligent, scalable migration solution and you get it for free.”


About Komprise for Azure

Komprise Elastic Data Migration eliminates the cost and complexity of managing file data by providing analytics-driven data migration to Azure without creating any vendor lock-in. Some of the benefits of our approach include:

  • Visibility: Analytics across existing NAS (NetApp, Dell, Windows) to identify which data sets to migrate and to which tier of Azure;
  • Mobility: Systematically migrate files 27 times faster. Komprise Elastic Data Migration scales elastically according to the distribution of your shares, directories and files;
  • Value: Ensure full data integrity by migrating all file attributes and permissions with full MD5 checksums on every file

Of course, Azure customers will have the opportunity to upgrade to the full product, Komprise Intelligent Data Management, which means they can transparently tier across Azure Storage platforms, cutting 70% of cloud costs. With Komprise cloud tiering, unstructured data is tiered transparently, allowing users and applications non-disruptive access. Organizations which take advantage of the full platform also benefit from the Komprise Global File Index to query, tag and move the right data to the right place for AI, ML and data processing.

Using Komprise and Azure together can deliver the best ROI for customers as well as a pathway to monetize data through moving data to cloud analytics platforms such as Azure Databricks and Azure Machine Learning. The steps are to analyze your data and understand what you have. Then, look at the possibilities for moving data into Azure, set a plan and make granular moves which you can refine at any time.


Program Details

The Azure File Migration Program offers free software licensing, an onboarding session, and limited access to support after selecting the Azure-sponsored offer from the Azure Marketplace. To learn more about this program, visit the Azure Tech Community Blog.

Also, read the Komprise Data Migrations blog for best practices in using Komprise for moving on-premises file data to the cloud.

Watch the on-demand webinar:  Accelerate Data Migrations to Microsoft Azure with Komprise.


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