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In the age of AI, managing and preparing file and object data for use in an evolving array of analytics platforms is a major undertaking for most enterprises. Discovering, understanding and classifying this data is one massive barrier—and one which Komprise has been delivering upon for years. Yet empowering staff with the right skills also follows suit. Enterprises need tools to manage and monitor AI data workflows.

According to a 2024 study by IBM, nearly half (45%) of companies report that advances in AI tools that make them more accessible are driving AI adoption. The research also found that only 34% are currently training or reskilling employees to work together with new automation and AI tools. There is a clear gap in skills needed to drive results from AI tools, which leads to our release of Komprise Smart Data Workflow Manager.

Here are some of the high notes:

  • An intuitive point-and-click user interface wizard that helps users easily set up an AI data workflow without the need for specialized coding or AI skills.
  • Quickly search for the right unstructured data set, configure and tune the AI service that is part of the workflow, monitor and audit workflows.
  • Pre-built integrations to popular AI services, such as Amazon Rekognition, which we will expand over time.
  • Komprise automatically runs your workflow and repeats the process as new data becomes available, saving you time and effort and ensuring the continuous enrichment of your data.
  • Monitor hundreds of workflows from a single interface, even when leveraging AI services from different clouds.
  • Enrich data with tags in the Komprise Global File Index. The tags then become file characteristics you can query and take actions on, so you do not have to re-run the AI service on the same data repeatedly, saving time and money.
  • Komprise delivers data governance with auditing by maintaining logs of details such as what data is fed, when, and to which service.
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The Intersection of Unstructured Data and AI

There are two critical intersections between unstructured data and AI.

  1. AI needs large amounts of unstructured data to run its analysis and make results more accurate: this not simple when many enterprises have petabytes of data spread across hybrid cloud environments.
  2. AI can help businesses deliver more context to data through metadata enrichment and tagging, which speeds up search for end users looking for the right data sets. Data scientists and analysts often spend 80% of their time looking for the right data sets rather than doing the analysis.

These processes are today highly manual and require specialized AI and coding skills, even when using an automated data workflow technology. Smart Data Workflow Manager builds upon our Smart Data Workflow technology by delivering a point and click method to search for the right data set, configure a third-party AI service, define tags, set the schedule for how frequently the workflow should run and monitor dozens of workloads at once.

Now, any authorized IT or business user can create a workflow that speeds up getting the right data to AI and then enriching new data sets from the AI analysis with additional tags.

Top Benefits of Komprise Smart Data Workflow Manager

  • No-code functionality makes it easy for anyone to set up workflows;
  • Faster time to value and less manual work to leverage unstructured data in AI platforms and services;
  • Komprise automatically executes the workflow on the prescribed schedule and spins up the AI service only when new data needs to be processed which eliminates unnecessary AI costs;
  • Komprise automatically creates audit logs of all the data sent to an AI process so you have an audit trail for data governance.
  • Easy to monitor the progress of dozens or even hundreds of workflows at once from a single dashboard.

Smart Data Workflow Manager Use Cases

There are several potential use cases for Smart Data Workflows. For this release of the Smart Data Workflow Manager, we have focused on three use cases that we’ve prioritized based on customer and partner feedback:

  • Image Recognition: Search across billions of files to find specific people or objects is no longer laborious and painstaking. Komprise automates the workflow of curating data by feeding Amazon Rekognition using both standard and custom LLMs. Komprise then tags the results in its Global File Index to cut hundreds of hours of manual effort for departmental teams.
  • Sensitive Data Detection: Find Personal Identifiable Information (PII) across all your data using third-party PII services. You can define the types of PII and direct Komprise to act on it–such as moving it to a different location or confining it for deletion.
  • Augmented Retrieval with Chatbots: Many organizations want to build chat services using AI like Azure CoPilot. Yet to provide tailored responses specific to your company, the AI needs access to corporate data. Komprise can find and feed the relevant corporate documents to augment retrieval prompts while ensuring corporate data remains private.
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