Komprise and HPE GreenLake for Unstructured Data Management & AI


HPE is on a roll. In April, the company tapped VAST Data for file storage. In May, HPE announced strong earnings with significant growth for its GreenLake private cloud business. This week the company is hosting the HPE Discover Edge-to-Cloud conference in Las Vegas.

Komprise is a long-time HPE partner. HPE resells Komprise Intelligent Data Management with GreenLake and Alletra so that enterprise customers can move the right data to the right HPE GreenLake storage tier. Cold data tiering helps enterprises cut 70% or more of NAS and backup costs.

Here’s a summary of the common Komprise for HPE use cases we see:

  • HPE resells Komprise with its GreenLake and HPE Alletra offerings: Komprise analyzes and moves data to HPE GreenLake running Qumulo, Scality, VAST and Cloudian.
  • Komprise Analysis for Storage Assessments: Komprise analyzes multi-vendor NAS (file) and object storage, both on-premises and in the cloud, to identify what data can move to HPE GreenLake and why with financial ROI and operations modeling.
  • File and Object Migration to GreenLake for File Storage: Komprise migrates data to HPE Alletra systems running Vast, Qumulo and Scality.
  • File and Object Tiering to GreenLake for File Storage: Komprise transparently tiers cold data to lower cost GreenLake tiers and to Scality-based systems or the cloud, cutting on average 70% of storage and backup costs. End users and applications access tiered data from the original location exactly as before. They can also access the moved files as objects directly from Scality or the cloud.
  • Smart Data Workflows for AI/ML: Identifying the right training data sets is crucial to AI and ML success. Komprise creates a Global File Index on all the data it analyzes, so organizations can search and find the right data across all their silos using Komprise Deep Analytics. Users can set up a workflow in Komprise to continually find new data that fits custom search criteria and feed it to HPE Ezmeral for analytics processing.

We’re excited to continue advancing our partnership with HPE GreenLake. Learn more about Komprise and HPE.

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