AI Puts Unstructured Data in the Spotlight at AWS re:Invent 2023

At one of the most influential technology conferences of 2023, any guess what will be getting the headlines? Like all the hyperscaler cloud services providers, AWS has flooded the web with AI announcements and investments in recent weeks:

This week at AWS re:Invent 2023, expect more of the same.

Unstructured Data in the Spotlight at AWS re:Invent

At Komprise, we’re happy to see unstructured data in the spotlight as foundational to every AI and machine learning announcement. After all, training AI requires unstructured data and AI also plays a huge role in enriching metadata with appropriate intelligence and context. We’ve been partnering with AWS on specific use cases leveraging AI and machine learning to deliver the right data to the right place at the right time as part of both a data storage and an ongoing data management and data services strategy. In 2022 we hosted a webinar together on leveraging AI data workflows in the automotive industry: Modernizing Unstructured Data Management in the Automotive Industry with AWS.


Later in the year we published a blog post on the AWS Partner Network (APN) focused on detecting PII data and automatically tagging sensitive data using AWS machine learning with Komprise Smart Data Workflows: Using Amazon Macie with Komprise for Detecting Sensitive Content in On-Premises Data.

The blog illustrates the power and simplicity of Komprise Intelligent Data Management in rapidly searching across silos of unstructured data, finding the right dataset, analyzing it with Amazon Macie to detect PII and then tag the data appropriately so any user can search and find sensitive data without having to run the entire workflow again.

“Customers can easily extend the platform by creating customized smart data workflows for analyzing their data with other AWS artificial intelligence and machine learning services, including photo and video analysis using Amazon Rekognition, content-based searches across text documents using Amazon Kendra, and more.”

Komprise has also worked closely with AWS on Smart Data Migrations. Download the white paper and read the APN blog post: Migrate from Multiple On-Premises Data Sources to AWS with Komprise.

Unstructured Data Management for Generative AI

Over the past few months, we’ve been discussing the enormous potential of unstructured data for AI, the need to “curate, audit and move” unstructured data and the importance of data governance for AI. In fact, the 2023 State of Unstructured Data Management report found that “the majority (66%) are most concerned about the data governance risks from AI, including privacy, security and the lack of data source transparency in vendor solutions.”

Here’s Komprise cofounder and COO Krishna Subramanian talking to eWeek’s Editor in Chief James Maguire on this topic: Komprise President Krishna Subramanian on Generative AI and Unstructured Data:

From the recent AI executive order in the US to leadership chaos at OpenAI, and innovations announced this week at AWS re:Invent, to say this is an unpredictable, rapidly changing space is an understatement. Organizations of all sizes are grappling with how to harness the power of AI without succumbing to its potential risks. Komprise was founded to change the way the world manages and moves data while maximizing unstructured data storage cost savings and value. Our role in AI and machine learning is to enrich unstructured data using the appropriate AI services while creating systematic data workflows with oversight and governance for responsible use of AI. We look forward to the exciting announcements at re:Invent and continuing to grow our integrations with AWS.

Read the white paper: Unstructured Data Management in the Age of Generative AI.


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