The Most Popular Data Management Blogs of 2021


Last year was a time when many enterprises started to get more strategic about data management and we saw that in our most popular blogs – which focused heavily on data tiering strategies, cloud storage and analytics. In 2022, we see continued interest in these tactics and topics, plus momentum behind cloud-based data lakes and analytics tools, a drive to make data more accessible and the need for data enrichment. Our CEO Kumar Goswami discusses these emerging unstructured data management trends in our last blog post of the year.


Here are the most-read blogs of 2021:

1. What is S3 intelligent tiering and how does it work?

S3-blog-callout@3xAWS S3 is cloud object storage which offers many advantages for enterprise data management, from cost management to scalability and security. This blog details the seven different storage classes on S3 and how AWS S3 intelligent tiering automatically moves objects between tiers within the service. Read about the pros and cons.


Cloud-tiering-pool-blog-callout@3x-2048x737 2. What you need to know before jumping into the cloud tiering pool.

The cloud tiering approach you pick will affect cost savings of migrating unstructured data to the cloud as well as the overall benefits your organization is able to achieve from a cloud data migration strategy.


Cloud-gateways-blog-callout@3x-2048x1231 3. Are cloud storage gateways a good choice for cloud data migration?

Cloud storage gateways offer a path to the cloud by moving all data to the cloud and then caching a subset of the cloud data locally. They are helpful in distinct use cases such as backups but for data migrations, they can cause problems and unnecessary overhead in costs and time.


4. Pfizer’s Cloud Data Gambit

Pfizers-Cold-Data-Gambit-Callout-@3x-2048x671 “It’s been a very challenging yet rewarding time to work here at Pfizer,” said Matt Braunstein, director of hosting data services. With data intelligence critical to keep pace with ever-changing needs in R&D—Covid-19 vaccines notwithstanding—Braunstein led the charge to modernize data management by using Komprise to launch a successful cold data strategy on AWS.


Komprise-principles-blog-callout@3x 5. 10 Principles of Komprise Technology.

Simple. Open. Vendor-Agnostic. Analytics-driven. Transparent. These are the top five principles of the Komprise Intelligent Data Management architecture. Read about them and the remaining five!


Pure-blog-callout@3x-2048x695 6. Pure Storage Partners with Komprise.

Pure Storage is a leading enterprise storage company with several Flash array products. In early 2021, the partnership between Komprise and Pure evolved with Komprise Asynchronous Replication delivering reliable data replication for Pure FlashArray™ file customers. “Together with Komprise, innovating in robust file replication will extend our market leadership in unified enterprise storage,” said Shawn Hansen, FlashArray General Manager, Pure Storage.


7. Komprise Expands Support of Cloud NAS Options.

Cloud-NAS-blog-callout-2@3x Modern data management requires ongoing flexibility and this post talks about how Komprise added support for Amazon EFS, Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, Azure Files and third-party cloud NAS solutions. In late 2021, we announced support for Azure Files NFS and Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP.


8. Komprise Introduces Deep Analytics Actions.

DAA-blog-callout@3x-2048x720In October, Komprise introduced Deep Analytics Actions, a systematic way to find specific data across hybrid cloud storage silos and move just the right subset of data for new uses such as cloud analytics. This post covers the basics: Global File Index, Elastic Grid architecture, policy driven data movement and more.


9. Storage Tiering, Data Archiving, Transparent Archiving: What’s the Difference.

storage-tiering-callout@3x-2048x717 These data management tasks sound like the same thing but they’re not. Read more to understand how to select the right approach for cold data movement to maximize cost savings and minimize proprietary lock-in.


10. Komprise Technical Professional Training & Certification.

KTP-blog-callout@3x-2048x736 The Komprise Technical Professional (KTP) program is an interactive, hands-on training experience and certification on the Komprise solution, open to partners and customers alike. In 2021, we saw 440 graduates, 170 of those being customers. The blog explains the purpose and format of KTP.


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