Storage Tiering and Data Fabrics on the Rise


Komprise January Update: Product, People and News

January: back to school, back to work, back to ignoring your New Year’s resolutions! Setting reasonable, positive goals you know you can attain is always a smart move. Whatever your plans are for 2022, we at Komprise hope that you have a healthy, safe and prosperous year. Here’s our take on intriguing IT infrastructure and data trends reported in the trades, along with our own latest news.


Where’s the Love for Shadow IT?

This AWS blog says what we already knew: shadow IT is here to stay. So what to do about it? The author has some useful tips including this one: Leverage cloud offerings to standardize and make “common use” services such as file storage, productivity and collaboration applications and BI available for use.


Cloud and Sustainability Go Hand-in-Hand, According to Futurist Bernard Marr

“Most of the tech giants will spend 2022 implementing measures and innovations aimed at helping them achieve their net-zero carbon aspirations. Amazon, the world’s biggest cloud company, is also the world’s biggest buyer of renewable energy and also has 206 of its own sustainable energy projects running worldwide, generating around 8.5GW per year.”



Big Money for Cloud Security

Google Cloud is acquiring Siemplify, an Israeli startup specializing in incident-response automation, for a reported $500 million. Google’s cybersecurity plans include “expanding zero-trust programs, helping secure the software supply chain and enhancing open-source security,” according to Calcalist.


All About Storage Tiering

download-1Storage Newsletter ran a nice overview of the storage tiering market, listing use cases, benefits, and top providers. Use cases are frequently changing for these solutions. Our own Steve Pruchniewski had these thoughts which were quoted:

“The economics of tiering to cheaper storage in the data center or in the cloud are clear, but customers want to be able get value from that data as well. If you can move your data to the cloud so it is transparently accessible from the original location and accessible in native object storage format, you can take full advantage of cloud services and compute. You can run cloud-native services, such as analytics or AI and ML workflows on that data.”



The Rise of Data Fabrics

As reported in this review of big data trends in Datamation: “One of the most interesting developments of 2021 was the rise of data meshes and data fabric. Interest in data fabrics grew thanks to its ability to provide a common layer for data access, discovery, transformation, integration, security, governance, lineage, and orchestration.” Unifying data silos to support easier decision-making is becoming a top priority in the data management space.


Komprise News


Year in Review

We published a year in review of the data management sector, covering trends in object storage, cloud storage, cloud data lakes and more. We also shared our top news of 2021 including our fall Deep Analytics Actions product update.


This Week, We Published Our Results from 2021

The results included 115% growth in annual revenues and 200% growth in new customers. Read the press release.



New Support for Cloud File Storage

In December, we announced support for new AWS file storage and analytics services, including Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP, AWS Snowball and Amazon S3 Glacier Instant Retrieval. Komprise can also now move files data to Azure Files NFS.



The Crystal Ball of Data Management

As is typical, December was a fun month for tech predictions and we contributed to several articles focusing on big data, unstructured data and data management. Read this eWeek article in which our VP of Marketing Darren Cunningham wrote about the changing roles of storage IT professionals and data management security. In The New Stack, our CEO Kumar Goswami discussed how unstructured data will be key to big data analytics in 2022, along with “right-data” analytics. Finally, in this VMBlog article, COO Krishna Subramanian discusses the growth of cloud file storage and how to benefit from data silos.


Komprise & AWS

Komprise was recently recognized as a launch partner for the AWS Migration and Modernization Competency, under the Data Mobility specialization.


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