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Ben Franklin gets credit for the quote: “Nothing is certain in this world but death and taxes.” Were he around today he might have added “data growth” to that list. The data management space is at an interesting inflection point: Customers are weighing the current and perceived future value of data (supported by advances in analytics) against the burden and costs of storing, protecting and making that data available.

Here’s our take on intriguing IT infrastructure and data trends reported in the trades, along with our own latest news.

No one ever said data management was easy…

Enterprise data management has never been an easy gig and Quantum has released a data management survey that sums up the issues at hand. Business leaders recognize that data is a core driver for growth but storing, protecting and extracting value from data is hampered by cyber threats, data sprawl and rising costs. There is a lot to unpack here but let’s dive into one point: When do you delete or retain data? More than half of the respondents were concerned they were deleting data that had value. The challenge of what to retain, for how long and at what cost is a struggle which won’t go away soon.



Storage vendor supply chain pains

Nothing can slow down growth in storage except for maybe supply chain issues. IDC reports that new disruptions to the industry should be less severe than was seen in 2020 although still concerning in regard to impact on system shipments and pricing.


And now this happened…

Chip shortages, supply chain, pandemic and now a massive manufacturing issue at Western Digital and its partner Kioxia is threating to drive up flash prices. A contamination issue in the manufacturing process will result in a staggering loss of 6.5 exabytes of flash, according to Tom’s Hardware. Analyst firm TrendForce expects SSD prices to rise 5-10% as result.



Data growth fuels data management software

It’s clear that IT leaders are grasping the need to effectively manage data to control storage costs and reduce the dependency on expensive flash storage, among other goals. The explosive growth of data is driving growth in enterprise data management software, which is expected to grow to $136B by 2026, according to Analytics Insight.


protocol-tileSustainability needs data management

Sustainability isn’t just good for the environment; it turns out that it’s also good for business. Protocol reports that in the first six months of 2021 alone, investors spent more than $570 million on environmental data startups. “Last year JPMorgan bought ESG startup OpenInvest and Blackstone acquired sustainability software Sphera for $1.4 billion.” This is giving rise to an environmental data market. (Sustainable data management)



Storage costs from data security

Datanami reports that a major challenge to responsibly using data is dealing with sensitive information like PII. Maintaining different data sets with granular security is a huge cost for customers in terms of storage and complexity. A newer approach is to create multiple “views” of your data, where a given view has a specific access to data. While this is much lower cost from a storage point of view, the management of these “views” is also complex. IT must manage the security and access to these views over multiple analytics platforms.


The Latest from Komprise


Azure File Data Migrations

Migrating large volumes of file data to the cloud is fraught with hassles and risk. Microsoft launched a new program to help its Azure customers and Komprise is one of two launch partners!



IT Press Tour covers Komprise

This past month Komprise hosted the IT Press Tour, a tech journalist event that covers visits to multiple vendors in the data management space. Chris Mellor from Blocks and Files explored the Komprise approach to data management versus others in the space and draws a distinction between the metadata and data control planes with the Komprise Global File Index.



Best in Data Management

We are proud to announce Komprise has won the Storage Newsletter Best in Data Management Award. Komprise was also named a winner in TechTarget’s Enterprise Data Storage 2021 Products of the Year, in the storage system and application software category.


Extracting Value from Unstructured Data 

“The boundary between hot and cold data is based on what can you index and search, and what the customer defines. The customers can set different policies for different data sets,” explained Krishna Subramanian, COO and co-founder, in an article for Information Age.


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