Komprise Interns of 2023

Komprise interns are an active part of our workforce in Bangalore. We hire from top engineering colleges across India, and candidates must take a coding test and participate in technical interviews with our senior engineers and hiring managers. But once they join the team, they are full members of our team – doing real work and contributing to the development of our product. They get to move between different teams and experiment with new technologies while getting a taste of what it’s like to work for a fast-paced SaaS. Once their six-month internship is complete and they have received their degree, many of our interns join us in a full-time role.

Meet our new group of interns!

Sejal Priya

College: PES University
Hometown: Ranchi


Interests: Listening to music puts me at ease. Exploring new places and trying out local cuisines makes me happy.

Why Komprise? Through the interview process, I could gauge the plethora of opportunities available at Komprise to learn, grow and upskill myself. “If you are ready to put in the work, you’ll see yourself grow” is something that was mentioned in one of my rounds. Hard work is something I swear by and I believe the work culture at Komprise will acknowledge it.

My goals: Stepping in with the expectation of growing both personally and professionally while adding a ton to my knowledge bank during my time here.

Prabhjout Singh Arora

College: MNNIT Allahabad, Electrical Engineering
Hometown: Jhansi

Interests: Cricket, Table tennis, Pubg, Coding. I am a Punjabi Munda but you can expect more of a UP vibes from me. Hoping to see myself being consistent in a gym once in a lifetime.

Why Komprise? It’s an open work culture where everyone is approachable and always ready to help. It is always a good learning exposure in a startup and a startup that is working on data is like the cherry on the cake.

Akshat Chand

College: MIT Manipal
Hometown: Delhi

Interests: Tennis, reading, FormulaOne, cooking. I am proficient at diffusing tense situations with lame jokes. I’m highly likely to trouble you with random facts and tidbits. On the weekends, you can find me making a fool of myself at the tennis court or buried in some book.

Why Komprise? The problem statement that Komprise is working on is highly relevant and will become more so with the explosion in unstructured data. I wanted to start my career with a company like Komprise because I felt they provide the right opportunities to accelerate my learning and growth in comparison to larger organisations.


Pramatha Bhat

College: PES University
Hometown: Karwar

Interests: In my free time I watch anime, read comics and check out memes while I stay in. When I go out, I go for a swim or just catch up with friends.

Why Komprise? The objective of Komprise is extremely pertinent with the expanding data sector. The opportunities Komprise provides me best align with my interests in this and upcoming stages in my career.


Ankush Nath

College: MIT Manipal
Hometown: Kolkata

Interests: Sports, fitness, music. I love playing team sports, and I think that has made me a good team player. I enjoy solving complex problems but I also enjoy a good nap.

Why Komprise? With unstructured data growing at the rate it is, I feel like Komprise will play a vital part in the industry in the near future and I want to grow with Komprise.


Poorani R

College: PES University
Hometown: Madurai

Interests: Singing and listening to songs. I love learning and exploring various aspects of coding. I have a keen interest not only in problem solving but also in in-depth understanding of the different perspectives of the issue. I have immense experience in Abacus due to my time invested in completing all the levels in it. I also acquired a skill in classical music and have performed in a few places.

Why Komprise? I want to learn and grow positively every single day. I see myself as a very good problem solver and I wanted the place where I work to be challenging. The people at Komprise, unlike many other companies, not only encourage freshers to learn but are equally enthusiastic and hungry for knowledge. This makes the environment a positive place to not only learn but also grow.

Dyutish Bandyopadhyay


College: MIT Manipal
Hometown: Kolkata

Interests: Gaming, music, cricket. I like to think that I am a quick and curious learner but I guess we’ll figure that out soon. Whenever I’m not working, you’ll find me gaming or hooked to the most random TV shows.

Why Komprise? I have always strived to learn and grow fast in the software industry and Komprise aligned all of that in this fast-paced and ever-growing data industry.

Lohith T Srinivas

College: PES University
Hometown: Chitoor

Interests: Playing badminton and football, watching football and cricket. I am a major football buff. I am

someone who likes to socialise and up-skill myself. I have been a part of the Debate Club, Theatre Arts Club and the MUN club back in college.

Why Komprise? I felt Komprise was the best platform for me to constantly challenge and up-skill myself since I learned that Komprise is one of the fastest growing startups in data management and hence was convinced that the journey would be challenging but very helpful for my career.

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