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Komprise November Update: Product, People and News

Cooling markets and recessionary indicators are spawning a darker mood to the coming winter season in the Northern Hemisphere. It’s not all grim though: The U.S. economy posted its first period of positive growth for 2022 in the third quarter—beating forecasts at 2.6% while jobs and wages numbers are also looking strong, per CNBC. On the heels of the pandemic, we’ve been through rough waters before; organizations that assess their environment properly to innovate smartly and with the customer in mind should come out on top.

Here’s our take on current trends in data management, storage and cloud infrastructure, along with the latest news at Komprise.

Tech and Cloud Spending: Steady Now

Bain predicts that 77% of companies will either increase or maintain their technology budgets in 2023, compared to last year when 90% of companies said the same for 2022, as reported in VentureBeat. Meanwhile, Gartner claims global IT spending will grow by 5.1% next year. Gartner analyst John-David Lovelock provided context on future spending: “However, as organizations look to also realize operations efficiency, cost reductions and/or cost avoidance during the current economic uncertainty, more traditional back-office and operational needs of departments outside IT are being added to the digital transformation project list.”

Cost management will be front and center in planning, but not at the expense of growth and meeting new customer demands. Reports TechRepublic: “With the 2022 global inflation outlook  not showing signs that it will slow, more businesses are on the lookout for dependable means to cut down on the cost of running their businesses while still maintaining their capacity to scale and innovate according to demands.” In another TechRepublic article citing a Gartner study, the author observes: “Most CIOs have been investing in ways to improve operational excellence (53%) and customer or citizen experience (45%). Only 27% of CIOs cited growing revenue as a primary objective, and 22% answered improving cost efficiency.”

Hybrid Cloud Storage Shifts to Data Services

As reported in StorageNewsletter, Gartner talks about the need for enterprises to focus on hybrid cloud integration to address demands for seamless data services across edge, core data center and public clouds: “Hybrid cloud solutions are expanding from being providers of storage to providers of platform services, such as data insights, cyber resilience, life cycle management and data mobility across public cloud and on-premises deployments.” Other Gartner data points reported in the article include:

  • By 2025, 60% of I&O leaders will implement at least one of the hybrid cloud storage use cases, which is a significant increase from 20% in 2022.
  • By 2025, more than 40% of enterprise storage will be deployed at the edge, which is a major increase from 15% in 2022.

Here at Komprise, our founders predict these IT trends for 2023:

Many organizations are still catching up on post-pandemic priorities after spending the bulk of 2020 on remote workforce support and keeping lights on for customers, but tactical investing in key areas where value and customer impact are clear will be the end game. IT leaders will also focus investments through the lens of cost efficiency and lower TCO.

Such tactics will include:

  • Intelligent automation to help users and IT administrators reduce manual tasks and get insights faster.
  • Cloud cost management, such as with strategic cloud storage tiering, will be important along with consolidating cloud spend across the enterprise.
  • A shared services IT model will expand to better manage spend (as well as data governance) across departments.
  • Departmental collaboration and visibility into data and IT assets across silos will be critical to meet efficiency goals and drive new value from data.

Komprise News & Events

Product News: Komprise Fall 2022 release announces the new Deep Analytics user profile. This new self-service feature allows line-of-business data owners and data specialists to view data usage, run queries and more, fostering collaboration with IT.

In the Press

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Among other articles, our product news was covered in Blocks & Files: “This is a tool for admin staff to give them the equivalent of night vision in a previously dark data environment and organize it so that access and storage costs are optimised.”

Network Computing: Data Storage IT Careers Evolve with the Cloud

Network Computing ran this story by our sales engineer Eric Platt on how storage IT careers are changing. “With hybrid cloud infrastructure dominating most enterprises, storage professionals need a deeper understanding of not only cloud technologies but networking and security configurations and protocols.”

CRN: Komprise COO: Partners Can Drive Services Revenue Around Revamped Data Management Offering

CRN interviewed our President and COO Krishna Subramanian on the unstructured data management marketplace: “Our competition honestly tends to be more of the siloed solutions. The cloud vendors and the storage players have some pieces of what we do. But most of them are also our partners. So we are an advanced tier partner with AWS. We also partner with [Microsoft] Azure.”


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