Smartest Path to the Cloud for File Data in the Public Sector

Smartest Path to the Cloud for File Data in the Public Sector

Storage-Driven vs File-Driven – Which is Better & Why?

Government agencies, healthcare organizations, and educational institutions are all under tremendous pressure to manage unprecedented data growth within nearly flat budgets and limited resources. A simple way to squeeze growth without breaking the bank is to manage hot and cold data differently. Offloading cold data to the cloud by using cloud tiering and cloud archiving solutions can cut 80% of storage and backup costs if done correctly.

Read this paper to understand the three alternatives to tier and archive file data to the cloud:

  • Built-in storage cloud tiering (aka “pool” solutions)
  • Distributed global file storage systems
  • File-level cloud tiering

Not all cloud tiering and archiving solutions are the same. You may end up paying more in cloud egress and storage licensing costs by picking the wrong strategy.


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