Energy Company Modernizes Data Center Operations & Unstructured Data Management

District Medical Group (DMG) is a nonprofit integrated medical group practice in Arizona, consisting of over 650 credentialed providers representing more than 25 medical and surgical specialties and subspecialties.

Global oil and gas services provider modernizes and optimizes IT infrastructure and digital services, transitions workloads and data storage to multiple cloud service providers and shrinks data center space, reduces capital expense (CAPEX) spending.

komprise_oil_gas_case_study-236x300After a merger and divestiture, an IT operations leader at a global energy company was looking for ways to see across data storage silos to understand utilization, shrink their data center footprint, consolidate tools and make better business decisions about data storage. They needed a solution that was storage-agnostic and universal in order to provide maximum flexibility and avoid storage vendor lock-in as they pivoted to a more OPEX-driven environment and reduce CAPEX IT spending.

“This pays off for us over and over again and 85% of our data is cold, just like the Komprise literature says,” the data center manager says.

One factor that led them to select Komprise is how the software solution can support many storage platforms, enabling one interface to achieve the same result universally regardless of what hardware OEM is in place. With the experience of divestitures and mergers in the past, having a tool that can both consolidate and separate data was key to selecting a partner and a solution.

Storage: NetApp, Azure

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