Unstructured Data Management Glossary of Terms

What started as an internal document to help new employees get up to speed on our market has become a useful tool on our website for customers, partners, and prospects – the Komprise Glossary of Terms for Unstructured Data Management.

It’s still a work in progress and constantly growing, but I wanted to highlight some of the most popular entries. We want this to be a helpful resource. You can suggest additional terms to be added on Twitter. Here are the most popular pages in 2020 based on page views:

  1. Metadata
  2. Secondary Storage
  3. Digital Business
  4. Data Management Policy
  5. Data Archiving
  6. Data Migration
  7. Cloud Storage Gateway
  8. Adaptive Data Management
  9. Cloud Data Management
  10. Network Attached Storage


It will be interesting to see how this changes in 2021 and how this aligns with our hybrid, multi-cloud data management predictions.

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