Multi-Cloud Data Management Predictions for 2021

Komprise President and COO, Krishna Subramanian, has shared her 2021 data management predictions in a number of publications to close out the year.


In ITProPortal she had this to say:

“In 2021, cloud storage costs begin to overtake compute costs. For the past three years, cloud cost optimization has been a key priority for businesses. In fact, Gartner predicted that 80 percent of businesses will outspend their cloud budgets in 2020. A bulk of these costs so far has been in the compute, since cloud object storage is relatively cost effective. But this is changing, since cloud file storage is typically ten times more expensive than S3, and file data is way more voluminous than block data – all of which underscores the importance of using cloud file storage just when you need it. In 2021, enterprise IT organizations will begin adopting cloud data management solutions to understand how cloud data is growing and manage its lifecycle efficiently across the various cloud file and object storage options.”


Disaster Recovery Journal

In a predictions post on the DR Journal she noted:

“In 2021, cloud replication will replace data center replication. The cloud is no longer just an inexpensive storage option for enterprise data. Enterprise IT organizations are realizing the importance of resiliency – to spin up access in the cloud if their datacenters become unavailable or to protect from cyberattacks with an air-gapped copy in the cloud In 2021, many companies will stop mirroring their data across datacenters and instead put a second copy of their data in the cloud. This cloud replication ensures that data is recoverable if a site goes down, a company gets hit with ransomware, or if users need to spin up some capacity in the cloud and want to access some of the data there.”


And, on VMblog, she shared 3 predictions in her post: Enterprise File Workloads Shift to Cloud Data Management in 2021

They are:

  1. Cloud data migrations become intelligent
  2. Cloud storage management transitions to enterprise IT from DevOps
  3. Data management-as-a-service gains prominence

Be sure to read the full post here.

Forbes Technology Council

Krishna is now a member of the Forbes Technology Council. Her first post is The Cloud Gold Rush: The Implications of a “Cloud First” Strategy where she summarizes 3 things to consider when looking for an unstructured data management solution:

Understand how you expect your data strategy to evolve over the next five to ten years. If you want the flexibility to change your cloud or storage providers, then consider a data management solution that works across a variety of storage and cloud platforms but if you don’t need this option, you can consider a vendor-proprietary solution.

  • Think about your budgets and the skillsets of the people who will be managing data — many customers are choosing data-management-as-a-service solutions because they are easy to deploy and use.
  • Consider your data control posture: Data is the new oil and it’s one of your strongest corporate assets. With that in mind, how important do you think it is to keep control of your data? If it’s truly important, you want to understand if the data management vendor creates any lock-in.


And, one more… Krishna was recently interviewed on the Small World Big Data that was featured on TruthinIT: How to Accelerate Cloud Data Migrations and Cut Cloud Costs: A Discussion with Komprise. Here’s the video:

Great insights, Krishna!

2020, That’s a Wrap

As we close out the rest of this crazy year, I would like to also take this opportunity to wish you and yours all the best this holiday season and a healthy 2021 from all of the Komprise team. Stay safe, stay healthy, and be wise… Komprise.

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