Komprise Year in Review: Unstructured Data Management in the Spotlight

According to this Forbes State of Data 2020 summary, IDC predicts that 59 zettabytes is the amount of data created, captured, copied, and consumed in the world in 2020, up from 33 zettabytes (33 trillion gigabytes) in 2018. In fact, IDC’s Global DataSphere forecast predicts:

The amount of data created over the next three years will be more than the data created over the past 30 years, and the world will create more than three times the data over the next five years than it did in the previous five.

The need for an analytics-driven approach to unstructured data management across disparate data silos has never been more clear. In our last post, we reviewed our multi-cloud data management predictions for 2021. Now, for a roundup of Komprise news in 2020. It was a difficult year for everyone and we are extremely grateful to our customers, partners, and employees for helping us achieve strong growth despite the challenges of the pandemic.

January and February

The first 2 months of 2020 seem like a totally different time. Remember trade shows? In January, the Komprise team was a sponsor at the Storage Tech Field Day. You can watch the videos of our founders and SVP of engineering reviewing our technology and interacting with industry gurus here.

March 2020

Komprise Elastic Data Migration announced. As noted in the press release, customers can migrate data across heterogeneous storage and cloud environments more than six times faster than the status quo—at less than half the cost. Businesses will benefit most when migrating data between their Network Attached Storage (NAS) and the cloud, or from cloud to cloud, because it’s optimized to address latency across wireless area networks (WAN). With the announcement, a white paper was published to highlight the performance benefits, which Krishna Subramanian summarized in ChannelBuzz.ca:

Over a LAN, we were 27 times faster than rsync, and over the WAN simulation, we were much faster than that. While Komprise completed the task in minutes over the WAN, rsync had not finished after 48 hours. Komprise was also able to cut the degradation due to higher latencies on WAN by 250%.

June 2020

Komprise Intelligent Data Management extends cloud data management capabilities. Building on Komprise Cloud Data Growth Analytics, which had been announced at AWS re:Invent 2019, the press release noted that new updates allow enterprises to save at least 40% on their public cloud spend with intelligent cloud migration, transparent data archiving and data tiering based on analytics-driven user-defined policies across cloud storage classes. Dan Frith noted in his Komprise Announces Cloud Capability review:

There’s support for all unstructured data (file and object), so the benefits of Komprise can be enjoyed regardless of how you’re storing your unstructured data. It’s also important to note that there’s no change to the existing licensing model, you’re just now able to use the product on public cloud storage.

In the article Komprise adds another brick to hybrid cloud data management wall, Chris Mellor from Blocks & Files noted:

Komprise is building a data management abstraction layer that covers on-premises and the three main public cloud environments. Its goal is to enable customers to tier files to/from on-premises file stores to on-premises object stores and public cloud object stores.

The article included this diagram:

Blocks & Files diagram: Komprise Intelligent Data Management

June was a busy month for Komprise. Two other announcements of note:

GigaOm announced that Cohesity, Komprise and Commvault lead the unstructured data management pack. Check out our summary of the 2020 GigaOm Radar for Unstructured Data Management and our position.

2020 GigaOm Radar for Unstructured Data Management

New VP of EMEA Sales, Clare Loveridge, joins Komprise. With the announcement, Philippe Nicolas from Coldago Research noted:

It’s no surprise that Komprise receives strong adoption by users and partners, and especially in EMEA, for its comprehensive, analytics-driven data management platform, illustrating businesses’ constant and rapid innovation with new features, protocols and platforms. It confirms that customer needs, such as data analytics, tiering/offloading, replication, migration and cloud-native access, represent key functions to optimize the enterprise data landscape and streamline associated costs.

July and August

Over the summer, our product team continued to deliver:

  • In June, we delivered an up to 500% Elastic Data Migration performance increase on NAS migrations over NFSv3, including kcp and Elastic Shares. The June release also included reduced memory usage in our Observer, faster Observer start-up, and less VM memory requirements.
  • In July, we delivered a 500% performance increase on Plan move and copy over NFSv3. We also launched archival within Amazon S3 to lower cost storage classes including archival to Glacier and Glacier Deep Archive.
  • In August, we delivered additional source and target support, including Qumulo File Fabric and Pure Flash Array File Services as sources as well as support for SNMP enabling users to monitor their Komprise deployments using the standard SNMP protocol. There were major enhancements for UI scalability (handling a large numbers of shares) as well as support for enabling access logging on Amazon S3 buckets from the UI in bulk when analyzing object data in Amazon. August also saw the launch of the Komprise free trial to analyze usage, costs and growth of object data.

We also hosted a series of webinars with our alliance partners:


Mike Munoz joined Komprise as our Chief Revenue Officer. Mike shared his thoughts on the company, the enterprise data storage market, and how we think about partnerships in this interview with eChannel News.

Our September Intelligent Data Management update was a big one. A few highlights included continued performance gains for Komprise Elastic Data Migration, expansion of our support for Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure, better dashboards and reporting and many ease-of-deployment updates. You can get more details in this blog post.


We announced Komprise addresses demand for file data management in the cloud with new capabilities for Microsoft Azure Files and Azure NetApp Files. Additionally, Komprise was selected as a co-sell ready partner for Microsoft Azure with Komprise Intelligent Data Management available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Once again, Chris Mellor from Blocks & Files included a useful visual in his article: Komprise identifies cold Azure data and sends it to Blobs:

Blocks & Files: Komprise Cloud Data Growth Analytics concept with expected targets.

Other October highlights:


We announced Komprise Expands Intelligent Data Management Partner Program to Accelerate Cloud Data Management. In 2020 over 50 new partners were on-boarded and hundreds of partner employees went through our Komprise technical training and certification. We are committed to making our partners and customers successful by simplifying the way unstructured data is stored and managed data and we are focused on building strong partnerships.

We qualified as Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts Ready, which means that customers can now simplify migrating and managing file and object workloads on AWS Outposts.

Manage file and object data on AWS Outposts with Komprise

And at the end of the month Ransomware Protection with Support Amazon S3 Object Lock was introduced, which allows customers to store objects using a Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) model. Once Komprise archives data into such an Amazon s3 bucket configured with Object Lock, the data cannot be overwritten or deleted, providing file retention that meets compliance regulations and protects data from being encrypted by malware or ransomware.


It’s been another busy month for our product team:

And we’ve been working on some great new capabilities that we’re excited to be announcing in early 2021. Stay tuned!

So you see, it’s been a very busy and productive year. Unstructured data volumes continue to grow and the Komprise Intelligent Data Management platform capabilities continue to deepen and expand across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Thanks again to our customers, partners, employees for your contributions to our mission of transforming enterprise data management with intelligence. We look forward to working with you in 2021.

Happy New Year!

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