2020 GigaOM Radar for Unstructured Data Management: Komprise an Outperformer

GigaOM recently recognized the power and proven cloud cost savings of Intelligent Data Management from Komprise, naming the company an “Outperformer” in their Radar for Unstructured Data Management. Last month I summarized how Komprise customers are saving big on their journey to the cloud. This month I want to summarize the GigaOm report. Chris Mellor, from Blocks & Files, was the first to write about the report and published the graphic of all of the vendors in his review: GigaOm: Cohesity, Komprise and Commvault lead unstructured data management pack.


Six top-level metrics were established for evaluating Unstructured Data Management:

  • Architecture
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Performance
  • Manageability & Ease of Use
  • TCO

The report notes:

Komprise excelled almost across the board in these considerations, helping propel Komprise to a leader position in the Radar report.

You can see the results below (and this was before some of our recent updates).


Here are some of the conclusions from the 2020 GigaOM report:

  • Komprise offers a simple, subscription-based licensing model with impressive ease of adoption and use and with immediate and tangible benefits in the form of rapid ROI.
  • Komprise takes an analytics-based approach to this challenge, enabling users to understand the entire data estate and organize it more efficiently across various on-premises and cloud storage tiers. The solution can seamlessly optimize the storage infrastructure while improving the ability to reuse data and increase its value over time.
  • Organizations working with Komprise have reported improvement in both TCO and ROI after adoption. In general, the more storage capacity under management, the bigger the savings. And TCO is further enhanced over the medium and long term through better capacity planning and storage infrastructure optimization—both outgrowths of improved visibility into stored data.

Earlier in the year, the GigaOm analyst who wrote the report, Enrico Signoretti, sat down with Krishna Subramanian, president and COO of Komprise to talk about the world of unstructured data growth. One of her key points in the discussion was:

Data management is about using the right mix of storage and backup and it’s about putting the right data in the right place at the right time. That’s why you need data management software that is independent of the storage, backup, and cloud provider but helps you use all of these environments with the proper mix.


Enrico Signoretti also recently published a great article on The Future of Unstructured Data Management And Why It’s Important on the GigaOm blog. He notes:

At the end of the day, by adopting a SaaS-based global data management solution, the user can quickly optimize costs and improve overall infrastructure TCO. This is only the low hanging fruit though. In fact, the business owners will have powerful tools to increment the value of data stored in their systems while responding adequately to several threats posed by poor data management. 

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