Managing File and Object Data on AWS Outposts with Komprise

We are excited to announce that Komprise Intelligent Data Management is now qualified as Amazon Web Services (AWS) Outposts Ready, as part of the AWS Services Ready program. Customers can now simplify migrating and managing file and object workloads on AWS Outposts.

AWS provides flexibility, agility and a wide array of services that can be spun up on demand. But not all workloads can be deployed in AWS – sometimes data privacy regulations, latency requirements, or edge processing restrictions may prevent certain data and workloads from running in the public cloud. AWS is addressing these requirements with AWS Outposts, which brings the features of AWS to an on-premises data center. Now Komprise enables customers to bring the right file and object data into AWS Outposts and manage the lifecycle of that data to optimize customer spend on AWS Outposts with the same ease-of-use and power that Komprise is well-known for with AWS customers.

Customers are looking for better ways to store and manage their data across the enterprise as part of a comprehensive digitization initiative. With Komprise Intelligent Data Management for AWS Outposts, customers can benefit from a comprehensive data management solution for any application in their own environment, on AWS Outposts, or in AWS Regions, for a truly consistent hybrid experience. Joshua Burgin, General Manager, AWS Outposts, Amazon Web Services, Inc.

Store and Process Data Locally on AWS Outposts

AWS Outposts enables customers to run Amazon EC2, Amazon EBS, Amazon S3 as well as AWS database and analytics services on premises. Data is stored in AWS Outposts, which addresses data residency and compliance regulations and Outposts provides a consistent experience in places where an AWS region may not yet exist.

Consistent Hybrid Experience

A key benefit of AWS Outposts is that it offers the same APIs and is managed the same way as the cloud. AWS Outposts is a fully managed service so you don’t have the headaches of running a private cloud in your datacenter.

Komprise Delivers Data Management of File and Object data with AWS Outposts

Once you know what workloads you want to run on AWS Outposts, you need a simple way to get the right data into AWS Outposts. Several third-party Network Attached Storage (NAS) vendors provide SMB and NFS file services on AWS Outposts. AWS also offers Amazon S3 in AWS Outposts for object workloads.

Komprise makes it easy to identify any NFS, SMB data that you want to run on AWS Outposts from across your datacenter, migrate the data to a NAS running on AWS Outposts, and then manage data lifecycle transparently end to end, from the NAS to Amazon S3 in region. This way, hot data that requires performance stays on AWS Outposts, while customers cut inactive cold data costs by leveraging AWS  S3 storage tiers in the cloud. Files archived by Komprise are still accessed exactly as before, and customers can also access the files directly on the AWS cloud.


Plan Your AWS Outposts Data Strategy

Finding the right data to migrate is always tricky. Komprise makes it easy by analyzing data across all your file and object stores – whether you have data accessible via NFS, SMB or S3. Komprise shows you how that data is growing, who is using it, how it’s being used, and where it sits. This way, you can pick the right data workloads to migrate into AWS Outposts.

Migrate Data Quickly and Reliably into AWS Outposts

Once you know what to migrate, Komprise makes it easy to migrate file data into AWS Outposts from any NAS. Simply setup the migrations in Komprise, and it runs the migration with full data integrity, full preservation of access controls, and MD5 checksums on every file. Komprise scales with your data. It is designed to migrate billions of files, petabytes of data, thousands of shares, efficiently and reliably. And, Komprise Elastic Data Migration automatically parallelizes its execution to fit your workload so you get fast performance. Benchmark results show Komprise runs over twenty-seven times faster than other solutions.

Cut AWS Outposts costs with Komprise Transparent Archiving

Cut the costs of running file workloads on AWS Outposts by transparently archiving data as soon as it becomes cold.  Set policies in Komprise so that as data becomes cold, Komprise archives the files into Amazon S3 in region. This way, you can dedicate AWS Outposts resources for hot data that requires local data processing performance, and significantly cut costs on cold data since cold files are moved into the appropriate tier of Amazon S3, which has no upfront infrastructure costs and low ongoing costs. Komprise Transparent Move Technology (TMT) ensures that users and applications continue to access the cold files exactly as before, even though the data now resides as objects on Amazon S3 in region. By continuously archiving cold data from file stores into Amazon S3, Komprise enables customers to cut a significant portion of infrastructure, file storage and backup costs on AWS Outposts. The best part is that users and applications continue to access the archived files exactly as before from the file service – so there is no disruption or change in behavior.

Extend Seamlessly to AWS

Komprise makes it easy to leverage the hybrid cloud – when you are done with local processing and want to migrate, archive or replicate AWS Outpost data into AWS, Komprise manages the data movement. You can simply move data from AWS Outposts to your nearest AWS Region with Komprise.

Contact us if you want to leverage Komprise in your AWS Outposts environment. Try Komprise on AWS with a free trial today.

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