Komprise and Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP

AWS-blog-postYour path to the cloud for file data just got easier: Komprise is pleased to announce full support for Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP. Migrating to the cloud with Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP and Komprise gets you out of the storage management business so you can ensure your data is in the right place at the right time to lower costs and increase value from your data. It’s time for a modern, analytics-driven approach to data management and mobility.

From Managing Storage to Managing Data

Amazon FSx for NetApp ONTAP is fully managed file services built on NetApp’s popular ONTAP, which makes it easy and cost-effective to launch, run, and scale feature-rich, high-performance file systems in the cloud. IT managers can leverage enterprise-grade file storage without the hassle of hardware provisioning, upgrades, and patching. This frees up time for storage professionals to start understanding data and making analytics-driven decisions to support users and departments with optimized data placement.

Komprise analytics-driven data management and mobility empowers customers to understand their data across storage silos so they can make informed decisions. Before data analytics, all data was treated the same, leading to higher costs, poor resource utilization and rigid storage policies.

The brains behind our Smart Data Migration approach is the Komprise Global File Index. This lets you see all your unstructured data across data centers and clouds to understand access patterns and performance requirements for specific data sets. With this knowledge IT can partner withnetapp line of business and data owners to create smart data migration, tiering and replication policies for data sets that make best sense.

Migrate from any NAS

Komprise now supports file data migration from any NAS device to Amazon FsX for NetApp ONTAP with a click of a button, speeding and simplifying data movement while also providing deep visibility into all data across storage environments so that IT can identify the optimal data sets to move to Amazon FSx.

Komprise Elastic Data Migration lets you scale up resources to speed the movement of data and then scale down after the migration is complete. Komprise can simultaneously manage hundreds of separate data migration tasks and is the platform of choice for many enterprise professional services teams. For a deep dive into how migrations work with Komprise, check out our recent blog.

Tier Cold Data to Low-Cost Object Storage with File Object Duality

ONTAP FSx has built-in tiering that is purpose-built for snapshot or block data. To deliver a truly smart data migration strategy, Komprise intelligent tiering with Transparent Move Technology operates at the file level to let you use lower cost S3 storage, which is roughly one-fourth the cost of the default capacity tier for ONTAP FSx.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of Komprise file-level tiering is file object duality. This means the data is readable both as a file and via the S3 object storage API.

Cloud native S3 access means you can take full advantage of S3 features like object lock to defend against ransomware and you can mine your data using cloud analytics tools. By offloading data to S3 you save on storage fees and enable analytics and AI/ML workflows to uncover new value from cold data. Now that’s a smart data migration!

Replicate Data for DR in the Cloud for 50% Less

If your current storage vendor’s recommended DR strategy is to simply purchase twice the hardware and double your admin efforts, it’s time look at FSx ONTAP + Komprise. Komprise storage agnostic replication enables FSx ONTAP to be the disaster recovery target for any NAS. This new capability delivers a more efficient, lower risk way to procure disaster recovery in the cloud. Komprise’s policy-driven data management approach means that while you have doubled your protection and availability you haven’t doubled your administrative duties.

Get the Most out of the Hybrid Cloud

The old way of managing opaque storage silos was expensive, time consuming and locked away the value of data. Moving to the cloud without a new approach repeats the same mistakes. The combination of AWS ONTAP FSx and Komprise lets you manage data with agility and simplify NetApp cloud migration. By putting your data first you gain the visibility and intelligence to reduce costs, administration and get value from your data.

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