The Easy, Fast, No Lock-In Path to the Cloud

We regularly hear from enterprise data storage teams about the need for an easier, faster path to the cloud for file data. A path that doesn’t lock you into one data storage or backup vendor’s technology. Recently, Komprise co-founder and CEO, Kumar Goswami, published this article on Tiering Cold Data to the Cloud Without the Tears. He concludes:

By running an analysis of data assets across your storage ecosystem and setting up policies for migration of cold data, you can ensure that data is always living in the best places from both a cost and business perspective.

Here is what you need to know about the Path to the Cloud for file data.

Why is it so important to migrate file data to the cloud?

File data can be petabytes of data and billions of files. Migrating this much unstructured data to the cloud takes time and can be disruptive. Planning and analytics are required.

We’ve reviewed your options when it comes to moving file data to the cloud:

  1. Lift and Shift
  2. Cloud Data Tiering

Not all file data migration options are the same

Ok, so you’re planning a file data migration. Do you go with free tools, point data migration solutions, or Komprise Elastic Data Migration? Take a moment to better understand your cloud data migration choices.

Or, maybe you’re using cloud tiering as a starting point for what we call a Smart Data Migration – analytics first. You’ll want to read our latest white paper that is focused specifically on cloud tiering solutions: Storage-based, Cloud Storage Gateways, File-based – which is better and why?

For an overview of moving file data to the cloud, check out the Path to the Cloud section of our website. Let us know if you have questions or would like to schedule an assessment to see how we can help you know first, move smart, and take control of unstructured data growth.


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