Oil & Gas: Modernize IT & Protect HPC

Oil & Gas Companies are Turning to Komprise

Oil and Gas companies use technology as a key differentiator to meet growing energy demands with lower operating costs.

With the rapid growth of data, both seismic and general IT, companies are looking to modernize their data management practices: creating a sustainable path to the cloud, utilizing a business-centric-model, while still maintaining the data throughout its lifecycle.

Key Challenges

  • Legacy data: company grew through consolidation, so very hard to get a single view into how data is growing and why
  • Corporate mandate: must modernize IT and streamline operations
  • Disruption to users: Drive consumption of object storage without disrupting file-based access
  • Data accessibility: Business users should not have to go elsewhere for their data – moved data should be accessible as files exactly as before.

An oil and gas company turned to Komprise to lower the cost of managing seismic data, by identifying and transparently tiering and archiving cold data on object storage. Komprise identified the cold, inactive data that could be stored and managed on secondary storage, and transparently archived the data. Users were still able to see the moved data as files, exactly as before, using Komprise. Learn more about Komprise Transparent Move Technology.

“Komprise enables us to manage storage as a Business, and not as an IT cost”

-Sr VP of Information Technology, Oil and Gas


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