Komprise Plus Azure Files NFS for Cloud Flexibility

Microsoft-Azure-Logo-TileIn late 2021, Microsoft Azure announced GA support for Azure Files NFS. Azure Files offers fully managed file shares as a service in the cloud that are accessible via the industry standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol and now adds support for Network File System (NFS) protocol. This will enable Linux as well as Windows files.

Why are people excited about Azure Files NFS?

There are three primary benefits:

  • More availability zones,
  • More tiers, and
  • More performance options.

Komprise is an Azure partner and our Intelligent Data Management solution helps customers maximize the impact of these new NFS options in the Microsoft Azure cloud. By giving you full visibility into your file data across any and all silos in your environment, you can create intelligence-driven, automated Azure data migration, replication, and data tiering policies to manage your Azure NFS file data with precision.

Find the Right Data and Move Faster to Azure Files NFS

Migrating to the cloud is an opportunity to optimize and ensure you are using the best storage resource for your data to save money while getting the right level of performance and data protection. Optimization starts by understanding your data with analytics-driven data management. Powered by Deep Analytics, the Komprise Global File Index gives you a single view across all your unstructured file and object data silos so you can find and move specific data sets to Azure Files NFS. Our powerful scale-out Elastic Data Migration lets you move entire shares or directories with confidence.

Komprise also gives you the ability to leverage Deep Analytics Actions for data movement. You can create queries to find specific data sets over multiple locations, clouds and shares and then move them to Azure Files NFS. For example, you may wish to find just video files over multiple sites or shares and then consolidate them to an Azure Files NFS share.

Read the press release: Komprise Partners with Microsoft to Support Azure File Migration Program.

Data Lifecycle Optimization

The value of data and how we use data is not static. A typical access pattern for data is that is accessed and used heavily for the first month and then less frequently as the data ages or becomes cold. Azure provides multiple tiers of performance with Azure Files NFS and Azure Blob. To take full advantage, you need a way to gain visibility into your data, to move it to the right tier and to maintain user and application access. Komprise lets you see access patterns and create automated tiering policies to optimize data placement from Azure NFS Files to Azure Blob while maintaining transparent access over the lifecycle of the data.

Get More Value From Your Data

Another advantage of moving your data to Azure is the ever-growing suite of analytics, artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning (ML) and other intelligence services you can leverage. Komprise keeps your data in native format at every step of the data lifecycle journey. As Komprise moves from Azure Files NFS to Azure Blob the data is directly accessible, allowing you to leverage cloud-native analytics and AI/ML workflows.

Nonstop Cloud Innovation Requires Data Agility

With new cloud technologies and offerings developing at a staggering pace, having your data locked into a single resource potentially locks you out of opportunity. The combination of Komprise with Azure provides the agility to move, replicate and tier data as needed. By understanding their data, choosing the right resources, and then creating data management policies, customers can ensure they are optimizing and driving value from their data at every step of their cloud journey.


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