The Azure File Data Migration program brings the ease of Komprise Elastic Data Migration to Azure customers at no cost. You can migrate file data to the right Azure tier for cost savings and to drive value from your data, while eliminating the complexities of migrating data to the cloud. Azure foots the bill to move your data with Komprise!
Elastic Data Migration is included in the Komprise Intelligent Data Management platform or available standalone, as sponsored by Microsoft Azure.

We are excited to work with Komprise on delivering a valuable service so that our customers can more easily and reliably move file data from expensive on-premises NAS devices to the cloud native storage services on Azure.

Jurgen Willis, Vice President, Optimized Workloads and Storage, Azure
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Why Komprise for Smart Data Migrations to Azure:

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Analyze Before Migrating
  • Plan data migrations using Komprise analytics across heterogeneous NAS environments by knowing each share’s data type, ownership, data usage, age, growth and other valuable metrics. Identify the right data to migrate to Azure Blob Storage, Azure Files and Azure NetApp Files.
Scale Reliably
  • Komprise’s patented Elastic Data Migration architecture scales according to the parallelism of your data across shares, directories and files to maximize performance.
Migrate Faster


  • Migrates more than 27x faster versus generic tools across heterogeneous storage.
Migrate NAS Reliably
  • Komprise enables full file fidelity, automatic retries and intuitive dashboards for monitoring hundreds of simultaneous migrations.

Smart Data Migration for Azure

Komprise Elastic Data Migration makes cloud data migrations simple, fast and reliable. It eliminates sunk costs with continual data visibility and optimization even after the migration. Migrating on-premises applications such as file workloads, high-performance computing (HPC) and analytics requires identifying and migrating tens of terabytes to several petabytes of file data stored on NAS appliances and other on-premises storage to the right tier of Azure Files, Azure NetApp Files and Azure Blob Storage.

In this white paper, we introduce the benefits of a Smart Data Migration strategy for file workloads to reliable, scalable, and secure cloud storage services on Azure.

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Benefits of Komprise for Azure Don’t End with Data Migration

Expand to the full Komprise Intelligent Data Management platform to maximize unstructured data savings and value.

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