Komprise Intelligent Data Management Summer 2021 Update


Do more, see more, in less time.

With hybrid cloud infrastructure and globally-distributed teams, complexity can run wild. Enterprise IT organizations need a single pane of glass into IT assets and spending to stay on top of this dynamically-changing environment.

According to “Gartner Market Guide to Hybrid Cloud Storage, 2021”: “By 2025, 40% of I&O leaders will implement at least one of the hybrid cloud storage architectures, up from 15% in 2021.” Further, “By 2025, more than 40% of enterprise storage will be deployed at the edge, up from 15% today.” (Komprise was included as a Representative Vendor in the Data Management sector)

To that end, the latest release of Komprise gives global enterprise IT organizations and service providers a consolidated view across all data centers and cloud locations with new multisite data management capabilities. Storage managers still have the ability to manage each site per local requirements and policies. Holistic visibility with local control is the best way to manage spending while meeting distinct departmental and geographic requirements for data storage.

Here’s what you’ll find in our latest release:

Multisite Support

Komprise Multisite Benefits:
    • Manage data at multiple sites from a single Komprise Director;
    • Provides ability to set local (site-specific) policies (Plans, migrations, cloud tiering);
    • Enables users to get consolidated overview of all sites on dashboard.

Customers can now set up multiple sites, each with their own storage and data management policies and activities and manage them from a single, on-premises or cloud-based Komprise Director.

Using a single dashboard saves time, avoiding the need to login to multiple Directors, and gives a consolidated view across all sites in the entire deployment.

This will show you vital metrics on cloud migrations and cloud data tiering, such as the amount of data transferred across all sites, total migrations, how much data is on-premises versus the cloud, and the ability to manage configurations for all the sites in one place

Each site has its own Komprise Observer virtual machines to connect to all the storage and clouds for that site and perform the associated data management tasks. This ensures that policies and execution are controlled locally within each site, according to distinct departmental needs and security requirements. We’ve also added additional information to the site-level dashboards: updates on active plans and details on migrations in progress.


Migration/Replication Enhancements: Centralized Audit Logging

  • You can select a single location for all migration and replication audit logs;
  • This keeps replication destinations “clean” for just replicated data;
  • Custom location can be an NFS or SMB share, or S3 bucket;
  • Audit logs include both source and destination checksums and timestamps.

During a data migration, log files live on the destination. After you’ve completed a number of migrations, there are lots of log files. For compliance and audit reasons, you may need to find logs for files within certain dates or created by certain owners, and that can be difficult. Now, Komprise users can customize the location of migration and replication log files for centralized audit logging.

Deep Analytics Enhancements to Highlight Archived/Tiered Data

  • Search and find data that Komprise has archived;
  • Keeps Plan and Deep Analytics synchronized;
  • Enables showback and chargeback.

Customers can now easily see how much data has been archived by Komprise and where it lives, in the Deep Analytics graphs and reports. This gives you the ability to search for data by owner (such as with an ex-employee) or date, and segment data by department for chargeback reporting. As well, with the new multisite support, you now have a single searchable virtual data lake of all unstructured data that can be easily shared across the enterprise. Customers can develop custom queries to identify specific data sets such as data belonging to a project that might be strewn across data centers and clouds.

Attend the webinar on June 24th to see a live demo of the Komprise Summer Release.

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