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Summer is in full swing but innovation in data management doesn’t take a holiday. Below we highlight some recent trends in the unstructured data management world as well as what’s going on at Komprise.

Industry News

Saving the Planet

With heat domes and wildfires rampant, environmental sustainability is top of mind. Microsoft announced Microsoft Cloud for Sustainability to help companies measure, understand and take charge of their carbon emissions, set sustainability goals and take measurable action.

DOD Just Says No to JEDI

The Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) contract was intended to modernize the Pentagon’s IT operations for services rendered over as many as 10 years. Microsoft was awarded the cloud computing contract in 2019. AWS filed suit to protest the award and now after more than 20 months, the DOD shut it down as reported on CNBC. But it’s likely that both cloud giants will end up getting a piece of the big pie later in a new Pentagon multivendor contract called the Joint Warfighter Cloud Capability. “The agency said it plans to solicit proposals from both Amazon and Microsoft for the contract, adding that they are the only cloud service providers that can meet its needs.”

AWS HealthLake Goes GA

Previewed last year at AWS re: Invent, AWS HealthLake is now generally available. This service stores, manages and analyzes healthcare data. Writes Julien Simon on the AWS blog: “Traditionally, most health data has been locked in unstructured text such as clinical notes and stored in IT silos. Heterogeneous applications, infrastructure, and data formats have made it difficult for practitioners to access patient data, and extract insights from it. We built Amazon HealthLake to solve that problem.” In related AWS Health news, Komprise announced a partnership with AWS for cloud tiering data services in the healthcare sector.

Microsoft and Google Cloud Growth Heats Up

Protocol reports that Microsoft and Google are growing their cloud business at a 50% clip in the post-pandemic world. In fact, Azure growth accelerated compared to Microsoft’s fourth fiscal quarter of 2020, from 47% last year to 51% this year. While both still trail AWS by significant margin, these results show strong competition, giving enterprise cloud buyers viable options.

Coldago survey of IT digs into top priorities for 2021

Blocks and Files reports on survey results from research firm Coldago. Among the findings, top data management features to deploy this year include archive and backup to the cloud, with container storage in third place.

Top technologies for this year are cloud storage, all-flash arrays (AFA) and all-flash NAS.

Cloud Outposts: a Growing Trend?

The Next Platform reports on IDC data that shows spending on public cloud infrastructure deployed on premises such as AWS Outposts and Microsoft Azure Stack is climbing. “Between 2019 and 2025, IDC reckons that spending on cloud outposts will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 151.8 over those years to $14 billion. Importantly, IDC says that cloud outposts will be consumed by enterprises in general but also by service providers who do not want to manage their own infrastructure design and installations, either in their own datacenters or in co-location facilities.” This shows an evolution of the major cloud player’s vision of the future: not everything will move to the public cloud and they see value in on-prem offerings.

The Latest From Komprise


Pfizer’s Cold Data Strategy

Last month, AWS featured Komprise in a webinar detailing how Pfizer saw its storage bills decline for the first time in 20 years. Pfizer leveraged Komprise to analyze petabytes of data and then “right-place” data in AWS S3.

TechKrunch: Migrating NFS & SMB Data with Komprise

In this on-demand webinar recorded in July, our technical experts discussed the Komprise Multi-Level Parallelism & Protocol Optimization to show how you can achieve 7-25x performance with your migrations. Check out or download the Migrating NFS & SMB Data with Komprise webinar today.

Learn about Hypertransfer for 25x faster SMB performance.

Short and Useful Technical Webinars at Your Convenience!

Visit our library of 15-minute on-demand data management webinars showing how to use Komprise for migrations, tiering, copy actions and more. Be sure to also subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Komprise News:

Momentum for Hybrid Cloud Data Management

In July, Komprise announced H1 results: Key growth drivers compared with first half of 2020 included, 97% revenue growth, 190% growth of new customers and 200% growth in average deal size.

AWS for Health & Komprise

Also in July, Komprise announced support for the AWS for Health initiative from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to accelerate healthcare organizations’ journey to the cloud by enabling a secure, no lock-in, transparent cloud data migration and cloud tiering process that maximizes cost savings and minimizes user disruption.

Komprise Press Coverage:

Komprise has authored and been featured in a few articles lately:

Venture Beat

Why unstructured data is the future of data management
Excerpt from this interview with Komprise President and COO Krishna Subramanian: 
“Analysts are beginning to recognize data management software as a new category. Beyond the use cases above, consider all the new types of data analytics companies getting funded, such as SnowFlake, Databricks, and Apache Spark. So many companies are coming to light right now to solve data management and data analytics issues at scale.”

Blocks & Files

Healthy Komprise doubles revenues and partners AWS in health sector
Reporter Chris Mellor’s comment:
“Komprise has partnerships with HPE, Pure Storage, and works with AWS, Azure and NetApp Cloud Volumes. It clearly has tech that works with other suppliers’ kit.”


Data storage cannot be a set and forget exercise
Excerpt from this interview with Komprise CEO Kumar Goswami:
“It’s time for IT execs to create a sustainable enterprise data management model appropriate for the digital age. By doing so, organizations can not only save significantly on storage and backup costs, but they will be able to better leverage ‘hidden’ and cold data for analytical purposes.”

Network World

What is NAS (network-attached storage) and how does it work?
Quote from Komprise COO/President Krishna Subramanian:
“If you need the performance of cloud NAS for frequently accessed files, it is important to manage the data lifecycle,” Subramanian says. “Cold files should be entirely moved off and transparently tiered at the file level from cloud NAS to less expensive yet resilient cloud object storage such as AWS S3 or Glacier or Azure Blob to maximize savings on storage, data recovery, and backups.”

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