Data Management is best done via Software, not Hardware

We all know unstructured data management is a huge problem that is growing bigger every day, as data growth continues to explode. We continue to see businesses announcing huge funding rounds in the hundreds of millions of dollars to try and tackle this problem.

But why? Why is it so expensive to build a technology solution that addresses data management?

The conventional approach to address data management is through hardware. It is technically easier to build a hardware appliance that controls all the data landing on it and then moves that data across clouds, but this approach is proprietary.

Most large customers have a heterogeneous storage environment, so they need a data management solution that works across different vendors and clouds, and gives them the flexibility to evolve. A proprietary solution locks them in and a hardware-based approach is very expensive. Shipping and managing hardware boxes is capital, intensive, and inefficient. Businesses taking this approach require hundreds of millions of dollars to build a scalable, profitable business.

We have never believed that wrangling the cloud from a hardware box is the right approach. In all of our companies, we have taken a non-proprietary, 100% software-based approach.

We are gratified to see our customers, partners, and investors continue to invest in us and help us grow.

This week, Komprise closed a $24M Series C round after experiencing strong growth. Additionally, Komprise was just awarded a patent on its Transparent Move Technology™. By taking a lightweight, software-based approach to data management, Komprise is able to provide customers an efficient way to understand, analyze, and manage their data no matter where it lives, and evolve without lock-in.

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