5 Ways to Use Analytics for Cloud Data Migrations

Pfizer-webinar-on-demand-blog-post We recently worked with our friends at AWS to develop an eBook that was inspired by the webinar: How Pfizer used analytics to create a cold data strategy and accelerate cloud data migration.

Unstructured data is growing exponentially. Many enterprises have over 1 PB of data, which represents roughly 3 billion files, typically residing in multi-vendor storage silos. Meanwhile, enterprise IT organizations lack visibility into their file data. Choosing the right files to move can be challenging as there can easily be billions of files.

To be agile and competitive, IT teams must evolve from storage management to a more holistic data management strategy. This eBook focuses on the importance of moving cold data to cloud data storage to reduce costs and complexity and reviews 5 Ways to Use Analytics for Cloud Data Migrations.

Here are some unstructured data migration tips:
  1. Understand your data patterns: Run data analytics to assess your data usage and growth. Then, use the assessment to decide what data to migrate to the cloud.
  2. Plan using a cost model: Use data management tools to interactively model different tiering policies and assess their cost savings, factoring in cloud egress costs.
  3. Use data to drive stakeholder buy-in: Use metrics to demonstrate how cold data is offloaded from expensive file storage, backups and replication, therefore saving 70% or more of its costs.
  4. Eliminate user disruption: Use transparent file data tiering that does not change the user experience.
  5. Create a systematic plan for ongoing data management: Analytics-driven data management should continuously move data to the cloud and manage data lifecycles in the cloud according to policy.

The AWS eBook also features a brief review of the Pfizer case study.

Komprise gave Pfizer a way to quickly analyze all its data and transparently tier cold files to AWS. The company created a global data index with tagging on AWS so Pfizer researchers can search for data relevant to a prior project and analyze that virtual data lake in the cloud.

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